Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Women 'Must Be Prepared to Kill' Unborn Children to Protect Autonomy: Times Writer

LONDON, U.K., July 6, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - After contemplating the immense mysteries of human life and sacrificial love in comparison to a woman's "right to fertility control," a writer for the Times of London concludes that attempts by pro-aborts to dismiss the life of an unborn child are a "convenient lie" hiding the fact that, "Yes, abortion is killing.”

“But,” she concludes, “it's the lesser evil."


Other people's LIVES (never mind rights!) matter less than my own.

How typically feminist.

The lesser evil is not taking on the responsibility of this unwanted baby.

No. The lesser evil is killing an innocent human being.

But, she insists, "you cannot separate women’s rights from their right to fertility control."

Yeah. Someone else has to die in the name of freedom.

Again, so typically feminist.

Usually when you kill in the name of freedom, you kill oppressor. You kill the beings who are forcing you to live in unjust conditions.

You don't kill innocent by-standers.

Unborn children may be inconvenient, but they're not oppressors. They never chose their situation.

They simply await to be loved.

The autonomy envisioned by feminists is a ludicrous illusion. There is no such thing as an autonomy so absolute that it gives you the right to take no responsibility for another human being, and it especially does not give you the right not to kill them.

Think about it.

How selfish is an ideology that says: you have ZERO responsibility towards a given human being in need?

How selfish is an ideology that says that the state has no business protecting a whole class of human beings for any reason whatsoever?

Autonomy is all that matters to feminists. THEIRS. If a baby has to suffer and die because of it, well too bad, so sad. Women's rights matter more than fetal rights.

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