Monday, August 02, 2010

Gee, I thought they were supposed to be supportive of women's choices

Shayna at The Abortion Gang is upset at a company by the name of Forever21 for marketing maternity clothes to teenagers.
A perfectly understandable reaction.
Except that "reproductive rights" activists are supposed to be supportive of women's choices.
Even those of kids aged 14.
So if a fourteen-year-old goes into an abortion clinic and doesn't tell mom about her choice, she should be supported by everyone.
But I guess if she decides to keep the baby, then...companies should not be supportive of that choice by designing clothes for that particular type of teen.
So which is it? Do we trust women-- even underaged "women"-- or do we not trust them?
It's a dumb a slogan.
You can't give a blank check to anyone to make any decision on any one single issue.
Because some choices are stupid. And the people who make them should not be supported in that choice.
Most people in the world understand that point. It does not diminish autonomy to tell someone that their decision is dumb and should not be approved of or even legally sanctioned.
You can't trust any population group on a any single choice because people do stupid have sex at age 14 and get pregnant.
Now all pregnant women should be helped, regardless of the circumstances of conception. But not all of their choices should be approved of, supported or enabled.
But feminists are so fixated on autonomy as the number one factor in equality and "liberation" that they can't admit that there even men live under limitations.
Reality always catches up to dumb slogans.