Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What poor-choicers don't realize about late-term abortion

From Not Guilty at The Abortion Gang:
Canada is an excellent example of how women are perfectly capable of making grown up decisions all on their own.
Except when they don't. That "Trust Women" slogan doesn't seem to work when it comes to trusting women entering crisis pregnancy centres.
 Since the decision in Morgentaler, there have been no restrictions on abortion. Yes, I can walk into a clinic at 38 weeks and get a legal abortion. Here's the thing: less than 1% of abortions in Canada are done in the 3rd trimester.
That's several hundred babies a year killed by the cruel process of a prostaglandin abortion. Or intracardiac injections.
But what's a couple of hundred babies killed to a bunch of feminists? As long as female autonomy is maintained, who cares, right?
 GASP! But, but, how can that BE!? Women in Canada do not lose the ability to be responsible upon having sex. What anti-choicers fail to realize is that women can be trusted to make responsible decisions, regardless of our sexual habits.
That blanket trust seems to only be for sex and abortion. Heck, countless women make stupid decisions about both, but we must be blind to that and trust women, as if a gender is infallible in their choices.
 Women who abort in the 3rd trimester do so for life-threatening health reasons, either for themselves or the fetus.
That's the myth. It's not exclusively for that reason, as anecdotal evidence shows. Sometimes it's because of Down Syndrome. Sometimes it's because of a cleft palate (re: Margaret Somerville). Quebec abortionist Claude Paquin relates that he sent a woman away to the United States for an abortion at 31 weeks because she threatened suicide. Colorado abortionist Warren Hern reported that he refused to perform an abortion for a rape victim who was 35 weeks pregnant.
There's simply NOT A SHRED OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that women "only" abort for life-threatening reasons.
Women do not carry for 30 weeks and all of a sudden decide they don't want to be pregnant. That just doesn't happen.
Well, what about women who have trouble gathering the money for the abortion? Is she trying to tell me that these women who are desperate NOT to be pregnant, but don't have any money ALL SUDDENLY decide to give up trying for an abortion at 20, 25 or 30 weeks? If a woman is desperate not to be pregnant, she's desperate not to be pregnant. Perhaps 99 out of a 100 give up, but it's difficult to believe ALL of them do.