Thursday, August 05, 2010

What pro-life really means -- by Fr. Paul Marx

Father Paul Marx died in March of this year. He wrote an article on contraception, the true cause of abortion:

Once you have contraception and legalized or widespread abortion, birthrates fall; nations collapse; young people follow their parents in the abuse of sex; increasing numbers live together without benefit of marriage; adoption agencies dry up because some 90% of pregnant teenagers who do not abort keep their babies and thus start single-parent families; the prostitution of the medical and legal professions follows; venereal disease escalates; infertility increases; and, if you can kill before birth, why can't you kill after birth? So euthanasia is inevitable.


Any group or movement - especially one attempting to form priests to be totally pro-life - which does not attempt to bring home the all-embracing evil of contraception is futilely beating the air. In saying this, I see nothing divisive. I have said and written this for almost 40 years. No true-blue pro-lifer, no bishop, no priest, no religious, no layman has ever been able to point out a contraceptive country with a viable birthrate and a healthy family life.