Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tanzania study on condom distribution includes pre-adolescents

Title of study:

Acceptability of condom promotion and distribution among 10-19 year-old adolescents in Mpwapwa and Mbeya rural districts, Tanzania.

What the hell is a ten-year-old doing having sex?

Why isn't he PREVENTED from having sex?

But this won't contribute to the normalization of pedophila in any way, shape or form.

And why don't they accept condoms. Interestingly enough:
A majority (62.7%) of the adolescents reported that they are too young to be given condoms and condom promotions. This proportion was 72.3% and 50.4% in Mpwapwa and Mbeya rural districts respectively. The participants argued that condoms are suitable for adults, not children of their age because they should not be engaging in sexual activities before marriage.