Friday, February 22, 2013

Homosexual scandals in the clergy are all the rage today

And getting a lot of attention.

Steve Jalsevac wonders: Catholic clerical “Gay Mafia” finally being exposed in media?

Here's the thing.

Who are these homosexual clergy?

Who's screwing who?

Who's protecting who?

Name names.

If we're going to expose the cancer, we're going to have to expose the people who spread it.

If we don't name names, then we're just part of the problem, aren't we?

If names are not named the gay mafia is NOT being exposed.

I'm starting to get it. I'm starting to understand what politicians are almost never penalized for their support for abortion or gay marriage, why people are almost virtually never denied Communion for any reason.

If a bunch of priests are screwing around, and another bunch aren't saying anything, then of course nobody is going to point an accusatory finger at anyone else.

It's easy for the clergy to be buddy-buddy with the Kennedies when they're not outraged by the filth in their own backyard.

We have completely lost the sense of outrage at sexual sin.

In 2010, Fr. Euteneuer left Human Life International due to a romantic liaison with an adult woman that did not involve a sexual act.

 His forced resignation was completely appropriate.

Fr. Euteneuer's indiscretion, however, was far more insignificant than what we're talking about. We're not talking about a man who kissed another man and liked it. We're talking about networks of priests who screw around.

And it's almost like the professional Catholics shrug their shoulders.

Is it a case of one sexual standard for conservative Catholics and one for liberals?

If these networks do indeed exist, then start naming names. That is the only way they will be exposed.

If we want to get rid of this cancer, then we have to start cracking down. That means when clergy are caught in romantic liaisons, they have to be disciplined.

If they are not disciplined (and pay attention now) nothing will ever change.

We will be talking about these nebulous networks of sodomizing priests in twenty years, the same way we've been talking about pro-abort Catholic politicians for the last several decades.

Only when these priests are named and shamed (yes shamed!) can we get on with the business of cleaning up our clergy.