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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fr. Raymond Gravel Praises Quebec's Euthanasia Law

LSN reported that Fr. Raymond Gravel was hospitalized on June 8th.

Naturally, because of the lawsuit, I'm sure they did not want to say anything more.

The original source of the LSN story reported that Fr. Gravel said he approved of the Quebec's "Medical Aid in Dying" law.

You know, we talk about disciplining Justin Trudeau (and rightly so).

How come nobody ever disciplines this guy? And Fr. Raymond Gravel is far more deserving of discipline.

Maybe we should put more pressure on disciplining recalcitrant clergy than on politicians. Justin Trudeau, to some degree, is the victim of his own ignorance.

Fr. Raymond Gravel, and especially his bishop, Gilles Lussier, cannot claim ignorance. In fact, Bishop Lussier publicly opposed the bill when it was tabled under the PQ.

It's just too bad that Justin Trudeau makes the news, but Fr. Raymond Gravel doesn't.

Ex-Catholic Bishop Writes Tell-All Book

"It's an awful culture, we're treated as children, we're treated as branch managers and the local bishop is really the voice of his people," he said.

Um no, your job is to give the voice to God. You're not a delegate of the people.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cardinal Collins Calls Out Justin Trudeau

Bravo for Cardinal Collins.

However, Justin Trudeau rebuffs him.

The question is: will bishops finally do something about pro-abort pols whose actions are not consistent with the Catholic Faith?

Look your graces: you've done the gentle thing for forty years now. It does not work.

Souls are at stake. People need to understand the gravity of the situation.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Sign the Petition Asking Canadian Catholic Bishops to Discipline Trudeau & Other Pro-Abort Catholic Pols

Read here, link to the signatures at the bottom.

The important thing is to 1) sign, 2) PASS IT ON-- blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

I cannot tell you how important it is to pass it on.

People say that online petitions don't do anything.

By themselves, they don't.

But under certain conditions, they do create public pressure, and a certain atmosphere.

Twenty years ago, the bishops didn't even TALK about abortion. Now they do. This is partially due to pressure from the faithful.

We have to keep it up. It's not the petition by itself that does it, it's the cumulative effect of all our actions.

Thank Archbishop Smith of Edmonton for His Leadership

In denouncing Justin Trudeau's bid to exclude pro-lifers from his party.

I echo Steve Jalsevac's plea to not criticize him for any perceived lack of leadership in the past.

When someone does something good, and you want them to repeat that action, you reward them and stay positive.

Thank Archbishop Smith here.

Cardinal Lacroix's Awesome Comeback to Journalist Who Asked Him About the Femen Incident

"They were naked? Wow, I really missed something!"

Translated from the French.

Also this interesting angle about abortion:

"In Quebec, for almost 40 years, abortion has been available, but unfortunately, it has become for many a means of contraception for many. When we say that there are 30 000 abortions a year in Quebec, this is unacceptable."

Now, some might criticize the good Cardinal for treating abortion as "contraception".

Normally, in Quebec the "abortion is contraception" argument is used by very "soft" pro-lifers-- if you want to call them pro-lifers at all-- people who have some notion for the respect of pre-natal life, but who usually follow this "abortion as contraception" thought with "people should contraceptive measures in order to prevent that!"

Now, Cardinal Lacroix, in calling abortion "contraception", to me, was indirectly condemning contraception.

A very interesting angle.

Instead of calling it "murder", he is indirectly making the case of respect for life, AND condemning contraception at the same time.

I thought his wording was rather sly. Sometimes the best way to say something is to say it indirectly.

Edmonton Archsbishop Comes Out Swinging at Justin Trudeau


Archbishop Richard Smith says it’s outrageous that the comments came on the eve of the March for Life rallies across the country. “To time that statement to coincide with these voices is obviously a deliberate slap in the face.” The archbishop said thousands of people were coming together across Canada to defend all life, including that in the womb.

The archbishop says several things occur to him, not just as archbishop, but as a citizen of the country.

He says from what he understands from the statement, Trudeau is saying that “henceforth for members of his party, there is no choice but pro-choice. That in itself is a contradiction in terms.”

“More seriously”, the archbishop says, “fundamental human rights acknowledged in our constitution, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and the fundamental right to life, are threatened.” (eb)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

UK Bishop Closes Catholic Blog

Mrs. Donnelly, wife of Deacon Nick, reports from

It is with sorrow that I am writing to let you know that Bishop Campbell, the Bishop of Lancaster, has refused Nick’s request to resume news posting on Protect the Pope. Bishop Campbell has also stated that he does not want anyone posting on Protect the Pope on Nick’s behalf.

Although I have been news posting on my own behalf on the site, I now feel unable to continue.

Protect the Pope will close as a news service on Sunday 4th May, the Feast of the English Martyrs to allow a short period for readers of Protect the Pope to say goodbye to each other.

Thank you (on my own behalf) for all the prayers, support and help we have received.

Please continue to pray for our Bishop.

This will drive the Catholic bloggers in the UK underground and make them even more resentful of the hierarchy.

Well done, Catholic hierarchy.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Do Catholics Rely Too Much on the Pope?

A thought-provoking column by Kevin Tierney.


Without a doubt, the Church will survive as she always has. But how did the Church survive? Where? She survived because there were places that the Catholic faith was well-known, well-lived, well-loved. They didn't need the pope on speed dial, even if they needed him at times.

Here's my take on the Catholic focus on the pope.

It's because he's the locus of orthodoxy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

It is Difficult to Obtain the Removal of Bishop: Columnist

The sacking of a bishop is quite difficult to achieve if the bishop puts up a fight, as the incumbent has rights in Canon Law, and cannot simply be removed from his diocese without due process. Therefore, one assumes that what has happened here is a series of delicate negotiations which have resulted in the bishop “going quietly”.

Some people would maintain, and they may well be right, that more bishops and other clergy should be sacked by the Pope. But there are many reasons why this hardly ever happens. Think back for a moment to the case of Bishop Gaillot of Evreux, who was removed from post because he was regarded as heterodox. This hardly solved the problem: indeed, it made a martyr out of the bishop and turned the affaire Gaillot into a cause celebre, which was highly damaging to the unity of the Church.

A few bishops have up to now been sacked for financial incompetence, usually in the developing world, and the Bishop of Bling, as he will forever be known, is a European who falls into this category. Unlike with cases of heresy, financial incompetence can be proven much more easily. There will always be arguments among theologians, but accountants have a way of being precise which does not admit of dissent in any form. As with heresy, so with gross moral turpitude: it is hard to prove it without the co-operation of the accused.

While it's true there are canonical rules for everything the Church...since when does Canon Law stop anything?

Pardon my cynicism. Canon Law seems to conveniently overlooked when it comes to Canon 915 and pro-abort Catholic politicians, but suddenly it matters when a bishop needs to be given his pink slip?

I agree that sometimes, when dealing with matters like heresy, bishops can be misunderstood or some other reason can explain the discrepancy between what he appears to be saying and what the Church teaches.

But sometimes there is outright disobedience. How does it serve the faithful (as opposed to the bishops!) to make it tough to remove these men?

If Canon Law makes it hard to do the right thing, then it's time to reform Canon Law.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bishop of Bling Resigns Under Pressure from Vatican

I have no argument with this.

But there are far greater episcopal sins than squandering a lot of money. You can always find money, and we're supposed to be a poor church, anyway.

I know the complaint against heretical and enabling bishops is a bit stale, but that doesn't diminish the urgency to get rid of them.

Friday, March 21, 2014

That Catholics Find Refuge in the Catholic Blogosphere is a Symptom of a Larger Problem

So this editorial from Catholic Herald (UK) asks the Bishops to embrace the blogosphere.

This in the wake of the commotion of the censoring of Deacon Nick Donnelly who posts at Protect the Pope.

One of the most annoying things about the Catholic Church, and the professional Catholic class in general, is its hiding behind what I dub "officialism".

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fr. Paul Nicholson Comments on Excommunicated Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Fr. Paul Nicholson explains why following Mgr. Lefebvre is wrong, notwithstanding the errors of the clergy:
Benedict knew the reputed 'Iron Bishop', Marcel Lefebvre. He was a giant on many levels, a virtuous prelate, a veritable giant in the mission field of the Church, a true religious and a saintly superior of the Fathers of the Holy Ghost. In many ways, Lefebvre had a charism to offer the Church in the confused years after the Council. His empathy and generosity in caring for vocations to the priesthood and care for the Sacred Liturgy could have been a great help to the Church. His greatness makes his collapse all that more frightening. These are frightening days, when even a great missionary and saintly prelate could be so misled as to end up dying outside the Church, an excommunicate.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obligatory Reading for All Catholic Clergy: How to Improve Your Preaching

Dear Readers, I beg of you to make this go viral on all social media.

My two beefs about homilies are as follows:

1) Anecdotes seem to be the only strong weapon in the priestly toolbox.

And they get boring real fast if that's the only thing the homily has going for it.

Even when they're good.

So please... enough with the anecdotes. You don't have to tell a cute story or a joke in every single sermon. Please. Save our sanity.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bishops and Laity: We Should Talk

Yes I've noticed this, too, even about "good" bishops:

They often talk a good game, but we don't see a lot of action.

I wish the clergy and the faithful could sit down and have a discussion about these matters, and ask bishops point blank: why isn't Canon 915 applied? Why do politicians whom we know oppose Catholic teaching continue to receive Communion?

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dutch Catholic Bishops Worried About the Future of their Church

Dutch bishops tell Pope the Church is collapsing as they face hundreds of closures

How's that liberal agenda workin' for you?

Here's an idea: become Fishers of men. Explain why people should be Catholic.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Edward Peters Comments the Case of the Suspended Whistleblower Priest

We still don't know what he is accused of.

I suspect we'll only know if he's found guilty.

It's almost like the process is the punishment.

This is all very, very shady.

Dissenters and perverts walk free in this church, and people who denounce evil are subject to prosecution.

It's hard not to be jaded at Church leadership sometimes.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Archbishop Chaput Asks: Can We Admit that Some Colleges & Ministries are Catholic in Name Only?

Why I love this man.

I hope he gets a cardinal's hat.

I love how he is able to speak openly of what's happening in the Church.

I often feel like clergy don't. They don't see the problems with the church. And they are adept, like politicians, at avoiding uncomfortable topics and observations.

We can't talk to each other in this Church. Honesty is not valued because fidelity to the Church's teachings are not valued. You can't be Catholic, neglect Church teaching, and claim to be faithful.

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Hard to Hear Jesus Through the Culture Wars Says Ottawa Archbishop

A key question is, are you and I open to an encounter with Christ? Any change must come from that encounter. This is what Pope Francis is all about.

He said as much when he asked bishops to tone down talk about certain moral issues. These topics are creating so much static that people cannot hear the most important message, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Quebec Bishop Says: Support ProLife-- Oppose Euthanasia

Msgr. Luc Bouchard, Bishop of Trois-Rivières, Québec
From the News That Shouldn't Be News file:

Luc Bouchard, the bishop of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, called on the faithful of his diocese to support the right to life and oppose the proposal to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. (You can download the letter in French, here.)

I'm thrilled Bishop Bouchard has called for opposition towards euthanasia, but as it is often the case with bishops in Quebec, it's a matter of too little too late.

I can't exactly blame him, he's been bishop for a year-and-a-half.

Still, it's foolish to expect to mount a decent opposition six months before the proposed legislation. Catholic doctrine should be taught regularly, even if it is unpopular.

Especially if it is unpopular.

I noticed that the Diocese of Trois-Rivières website has been greatly improved. A number of dubious links have been removed, including the one to Femmes et Ministères, a pro-woman's ordination organization, which I complained about.

I guess this points to some improvement to the Quebec espicopacy since the elevation of Msgr. Marc Ouellet as head of the Congregation of Bishops. I still think there is some ways to go.