Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poor-Choice is Female Supremacy

I was just reading the linked blog here, and how this pro-abort group wants to hold a counter-vigil to a fetal rights group, in remembrance of the WOMEN'S LIVEs (their capitalization) lost to [self-inflicted]"back alley" abortions.

How in the world can pro-aborts be so dang CALLOUS towards the unborn child? Nobody is asking for them to not remember the women who died, although their deaths were essentially self-inflicted. But what about UNBORN CHILDREN?

Pr0-aborts DO NOT GIVE A DAMN! How can they condescendingly say that the notion of when life begins is a "religious issue" on one hand, thereby impliciting acknowledging that some women will love their unborns as equals, but then maintain that the fetus CANNOT be an equal (which is supposedly a religious belief!). They expect women who love their unborn children as equals to just say "Oh well,guess I won't fight for my unborn child, my future unborn children and all the other unborn children because they think it's a religious belief."


The pro-aborts cannot accord any legitmacy to the unborn child. They must maintain surpemacy over them. They must continue to de-humanize them, neglect them, not bring them up, in order to maintain their power over the unborn child.

It's just like the White Supremacy of Old. They don't want the unborn child to have rights, because that will take away their right to kill them and dispose of them as they please.

It really boils down to that.