Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Synod Journal: The return of tired Catholic Lite euphemisms.

Dear clergy: the purpose of being Catholic is to conform oneself to Divine Revelation. It is Divine Revelation that remarriage after divorce is adultery and therefore a mortal sin. You cannot receive Communion in a state of Mortal sin. That's another revelation. The lived experience of the faithful does not change this. Your job is to defend those principles.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

March for Life Pastor Kenny Blacksmith Loses House in Fire: Please Donate!

I thought his opening prayer at the March for Life was positively inspiring.

If you feel the way I did, please donate to help him buy a new house and supplies.

And just as important: please spread the word on your blogs and social media accounts.

Why Can’t Catholics Be Honest with One Another?

The original title of this blogpost was supposed to be:

Why Does John Henry Westen Have to Beg Priests to Preach the Faith?

Which was inspired by this talk … and a facebook friend who asked:

Why can't we hear homilies by our priests and bishops such as the talk given by this layman?

Why indeed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

Monday, May 25, 2015

Christ is the Answer to Struggles with Sexual Identity

The real headline:

Canadian Catholic Bishop (from Quebec!) Preaches Politically Incorrect Truth.

Kinda sad that this is noteworthy. But I'm grateful he's saying what needs to be said.

11-year-old in Uruguay refuses to abort after rape

Nevertheless, a press release “demanding” that the girl abort “immediately” was issued by several pro-abortion NGOs soon after, on May 12. “The hypocritical and bureaucratic system allows for her rights to be undermined without considering the cost this will bring to the girl,” it read.
“Who will take charge now to stop the undermining of her rights and protect her health and her life? How much longer do we need to wait before somebody decides responsibly on the interruption of that pregnancy?” it concluded.


Rex Murphy: Conservative voters are feeling let down

I'm unhappy with Harper about the relatively lack of progress on a number of fronts.

For example, battling the ability of unions to run the government. Or cutting the size of government.

I'm extremely unhappy with Harper's total unwillingness to even give pro-lifers any crumbs.

But I'm not unhappy about Harper being aloof. I'm actually really happy about it. I don't want a Prime Minister who takes up a lot of media time. To me, that's a sign he's doing his job, and not seeking the spotlight.

I'm also very unhappy about that message: you have nowhere else to go.

That message is extremely arrogant, because yeah, I do. I can vote for someone else or reject my ballot.

Pro-Lifers Witness in China

That took some guts.

For about 10 minutes on Saturday, young men and women stood in front of major hospitals in Chengdu, China, holding up red pro-life banners and graphic photos of abortion. After snapping a few photos and capturing the attention of a few passersby, the groups quickly left to keep ahead of local police officers who likely would have arrested them.

Their goal wasn’t to hold the protest but to start a conversation on social media with photos of their activism. The signs read “Unborn children are children too,” “Men don’t take responsibility, so women abort,” “If unborn children aren’t human, than what is a human?” Other signs depicted the abortion process and images of aborted babies next to the words, “Is this your ‘pain-free’ abortion?” referring to a commonly advertised promise from Chinese hospitals and abortion centers.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists

So many good points. Here's one:

it’s difficult arguing with people who think they know it all about religion, but don’t.

The Inordinate Love of Dogs and Cats

If you want to set off a debate amongst Catholics without referring to the "pelvic issues", try talking about whether dogs go to heaven.

Fr. Chris has a few thoughts on the inordinate love of pets that drives the "dogs go to heaven" meme:

What I have witnessed in people who call pets their children is a desire to create a fantasy that numbs the very real pain of loneliness that comes natural to them. Those who love their pets inordinately will actually say, (and I have witnessed it first hand) that if their pets are not in heaven, they do not want to go there. They have traded in God for a pet. But what they loved in their Pet is already in God, infinitely, and thus fail to realize that the pet is an even smaller foretaste, but still nonetheless a foretaste of God’s good nature.
Whether or not pets are in heaven, along with their tapeworms, it should be a trivial question if our hunger is rightly ordered.
Today we confuse the affection that exists in animals for love, they lift dogs and cats, therefore to the dignity of the human person. Please: don’t buy into the notion that the Church hasn’t dogmatically claimed whether or not animals have the same type of soul as humans. The practice of the Church to baptize only human beings speaks for itself, and not once has any theological statement claimed that Christ died for the sins of Pepper, my deceased childhood dog. People want to believe their pets love them, because they are too burdened by the fact that their non-existent spouse doesn’t love them, because he or she doesn’t exist. The illusion of love in a pet makes the pain go away. But it’s an illusion. And one that I have witnessed will be defended at the cost of ostracizing a priest on Facebook. Feeling that hunger is really what makes us good Christians if we allow it to become zeal for God.
Love your pets, but love them not as a human being: love them as a very small picture of what God is like infinitely. Love humans even more, but again, don’t love them as you would Love God. Don’t make pets or humans into an idol: make God your object of worship.

The Bridgehead: History of the Rescue Movement Parts 1-4

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These are interviews that Jonathon Van Maren conducted with veterans of the Rescue Movement of the 1980s and 90s.

You might know him as the Communications Director for the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform. He hosts Bridgehead radio, a local radio program.

I know this is a lot of audio to post-- over two hours' worth-- but pro-lifers really need to learn their history.

Friday, May 22, 2015

First Things Defends Maury Povich

Very surprising:

Maury’s guests are not the sort of folks generally allowed to talk about sex on television. As a group, they represent the defiant nightmares of modern social engineering: poor, overweight, under-educated, incredibly fecund. They clearly find latex a laughable intervention in the mechanics of male-female intimacy (Maury, perhaps for his own job security but perhaps for deeper reasons, never counsels contraception). They have likely ignored strong incentives to terminate their pregnancies. For all this, they are hardly heroes. They lead dissolute lives, shaped by social codes so senseless that a daytime TV host seems their most reasonable hope for decency. The Maury Show reveals the havoc that trickle-down sexual liberation has wreaked in the working classes, but it also provides glimpses of the sound moral instinct that can linger on in spite of—or rather because of—a lack of academic and professional conditioning. Though he too is guilty of exploiting his guests’ misfortunes—his hefty salary is paid, after all, by those predatory lawyers and loan sharks—Maury devotes an hour each day to reminding us that sex is a fact of life for unimpressive people, rather than a mystery cult for celebrities, pornographers, and lifestyle enthusiasts.
Christian morality often finds its most reliable supports not in the orderly ambitions of the bourgeoisie but in the crude intuitions of the unsophisticated.

Well, I dunno if Maury Povich really upholds Christian morality. But the article has a point that the crude and uneducated have weaker filters when it comes to political correctness. They often don't have to keep up appearances to keep their jobs,

Why We Must Draw Muhammed

Mark Steyn:

Once they started killing people for drawing Mohammed it became necessary for everyone to draw Mohammed - to show that there are too many to kill, and thus to teach Islam that, whatever its own proscriptions, they do not and will never apply to non-believers. Once you make drawing Mohammed a capital crime, it is necessary to make drawing Mohammed so universal that it's no crime at all. If you claim the right to kill because you're offended, then it is necessary to offend you all the time - until you accept the messy norms of pluralistic societies.

People say we shouldn't draw Muhammed because it offends Muslims.

Here's the thing.

It's an unreasonable prohibition.

There's nothing that should prohibit people from depicting a historical figure, or anybody else, period.

Extremist Muslims impose this unreasonable prohibition through threat of violence.

If there was no threat of violence, nobody would care about people drawing Muhammed, just like nobody cares if Jesus or Mary are blasphemed.

Extremists win when they succeed in changing people's behaviour through the threat of violence.

That is how freedom is slowly eroded.

I'm not looking to purposely offend Muslims. If it weren't for Muslim-based terrorism and threats to freedom, I couldn't give a crap about him. Life is too short to care about him.

But I am looking to assert my freedom and everyone else's. I don't have a lot to say about Islam, but I want everyone to be able to comment on it as they see fit. Although it's perfectly normal to exercise self-censorship to be civilized, it's not normal to refrain from criticism for fear of setting off a terrorist attack.

People say: well you're provoking them!

That's precisely the problem! Their sense of being provoked, their violence!

Do we shut up and let them dictate what we can express? If we do, they win. And freedom is eroded.

The only way to keep freedom is to exercise it, even in the face of threatened violence. Otherwise you lose it. There's no other way, You effectively give a victory to the extremists.

If you express your dissent from Islam, and nothing happens, freedom wins. If they attack, they only prove our point, on the necessity of fighting the extremism and doing MORE of this. We have to show that we will not be cowed, even in their acts of violence, that we're just going to keep doing it and doing it, that their battle is futile.

If there are many more of us that are willing not to be cowed, we will win. If not, then we don't deserve freedom.

On Scrupulosity and Peace of Soul

St. Francis de Sales

I haven't suffered scrupulosity very often in my life, but when I have, this explains it:

When a person begins a cycle of scrupulosity they may forget to add the variable of our fallen nature into the equation. Thus, they approach life from a position of believing that they can will themselves to be perfect. This then wrecks havoc upon their psyche since committing sin destroys perfection.

St. Francis de Sales has taught me many things about how to deal with this.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

VIDEO: Gavin McInnes to Career Women: Stop Throwing Away Your Ovaries!

I think women's limited window of fertility is a bit exaggerated in this video, but on the whole there are many valid points.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Doesn’t The March for Life Grab Headlines?

This year, I sense pro-lifers are beyond caring about the lack of headlines. They’ve bitched about it for long that it feels like a complete waste of breath at this point.
But I think it’s a good topic to explore.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Catholic Parenting is Not an Insurance Policy

I couldn't agree more with this lady: (and old post, but it's making the rounds...)

I don't think breastfeeding, natural child spacing, attachment parenting, family prayer, homeschooling, daily Mass and frequent reception of the Sacraments or any other practices touted by Orthodox Catholic groups are an insurance policy for raising well-adjusted Catholic citizens. Just because we do these things does not mean our kids will be practicing Catholics who never commit mortal sin, nor does it mean our kids will be normal, functioning adults able to thrive in the outside world.

I know families who never looked like the poster people for Catholicism--families who didn't have the children in matching smocked outfits in the front pew at Mass every Sunday or who couldn't afford premiere Catholic education--but who, by the grace of God, have had several vocations to come from their lot.
And you know why this is?
Because God's grace is greater than our efforts and while we may try our very best to do the right thing by our children, our children have a free will with which they can choose the good or the bad. And sometimes, no matter how perfectly we've parented, prayed and performed, our kids are gonna choose the bad--even if we've homeschooled or gone to daily Mass or used attachment parenting.
None of these things are an insurance policy.
Sure, these practices are good and noble and some of them (like frequent reception of the Sacraments) are even dire, but just because we do them does not mean our children are going to turn out perfectly. Nor does it mean we are failures if we can't pull it off. God calls all families to love and follow and serve Him but the way in which He calls us to do it looks different for every one.
We all need to try our best (and assume everyone is doing the same) but we must also recognize the rest is up to God.
So let's have mercy on our fellow Catholic moms, shall we?

I think on average doing the right thing will lead to the desired outcome. But there really is no guarantee. Never forget, though, that while they may be away from Church, your parenting had a huge influence on them. So never despair.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Elder Orphans

This article underscores the growing number of elder orphans: single, childless, family-less seniors who have no one to care for them.

I think we as a Church need to step up to the plate. Nobody should be alone in this world, especially not those who already have a connection to the Church.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

VIDEO: How Big Was the Crowd for the March for Life?

One pro-lifer recorded the stream of protesters from start to finish. Pretty impressive.

Impressions of the March for Life.

This post is a bit late because the day after the March for Life, I left for a short vacation and I didn't have regular access to a computer.

I was very satisfied for the March for Life. 25 000 people showed up, equaling our record.