VIDEO: Rob Ford Smoking Crack...Video Finally Released! See It Here!

This? This brought down Rob Ford? Pathetic. On so many levels.

Accompanying article from The National Post.

Links: ProLife, Gay Marriage, RU486, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, etc

I have so many good links I said to myself: what the hay? Let's do a links blogpost.

People in homosexual ‘marriages’ almost 3 times more likely to commit suicide: study Because of homophobia, I'm sure.

NOW president: ‘I don’t care’ if life scientifically begins at conception, and if babies have to die in the name of reproductive autonomy, so what? Right feminists? Right.

Mifegymiso (abortion pills) Official Update -- It appears the restrictions on RU486 will remain. See also: Restrictions on abortion pill in P.E.I. give doctors ‘access to an excuse’ not to supply them: critics

No, Donald Trump did not eject a baby. I want to make it clear: I don't necessarily want Donald Trump to win, but I absolutely want Hillary Clinton to lose. So I do post links and messages that are both supportive and critical of Donald Trump. In truth, Donald Trump makes me want to cry, and I'm devastated he's the one who has to win in order for Hillary to lose. I would have been happier with practically anyone else. Except Justin Trudeau. That's how bad he is.

The American Catholic bishops denounce a politician who officiated at a same-sex marriage
, but won't name him. Which I think is cowardly. Do your job guys.

Pro-Lifers and Freedom Lovers: GET OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD. Please donate to Pat Maloney's GoFundMe campaign that will help fund her court case against the Ontario government. She is trying to get the Government to reveal to her the actual number of abortions performed in Ontario. There is a statute that explicitly forbids access to information requests on abortion, which is outrageous. We have a responsibility to support all those activists who do the heavy lifting and move the pro-life agenda forward. So please. Give! And be generous. And of course, share this on your social media.

UK: Mothers abort 20 IVF babies a year after discovering their child would be born with Down's syndrome "Down’s is the chief reason why women who have paid for expensive IVF treatment have terminated their pregnancy, according to analysis by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority."

Marco Mastromonaco raises a pertinent issue:

A recent homily given by a young priest hit a nerve among many of the Faithful and perhaps caused us to pause and to think. Father Jacques Hemel, the martyred 86yr old french priest who went willingly to his death caused by two young ideologically bent followers of radical Islam. The content of the homily was simple,.. 'Where were the men in the Parish to rush and protect this priest?' We heard about the women and the nuns who assisted at the Mass,.. So where were the 'dudes' so to speak?

He goes on to decry the crisis on manhood in the Church.

The Use of Twitter Bots to Target 'Harassment' : A must-read if you frequently engage on Twitter.

Just an interesting abstract: The average age for pregnancy detection is 5.5 weeks and hasn't changed in 23 years.

The Conservative Media Echo Chamber Is Making the Right Intellectually Deaf

VIDEO: Priest Tells It Like It Is: You Can't Vote for a Pro-Abortion Politician

I encourage you to share this with your Catholic acquaintances....

A Pro-Choice Blogpost from the Future

We are on the precipice of voting in a new right in Parliament. A right that feminists have struggled for in the name of reproductive rights.

Feminists have struggled to actualize the phrase “my body, my choice.” Today, almost every reproductive choice is open to everyone: eugenic selection, sex-determination, gene selection from multiple parents, mass embryo creation to select the ones with the most potential, selective reduction on demand, commercial surrogacy. All these gains we have made to achieve reproductive freedom. 
Today, Parliament will vote to eliminate all restrictions on infant euthanasia. The final gain we need to make to have absolute control over our own bodies.

What happens if you order a baby and that baby didn’t quite turn out? What happens if the baby is born with a debilitating disability or a facial deformity? Did you (or a surrogate) just gestate a pregnancy for nine months without getting what you want? Ultrasound doesn’t always catch everything. Neither do prenatal screenings. If parents create a baby to specifications and the clinic fails to produce them, are they to live with the results of someone else’s incompetence?

The anti-choice movement, those Charlie Browns of Canadian politics—who have lost every single battle they have ever fought—are setting themselves up against women yet again. They want to shame and guilt-trip women for making this often heart-wrenching and painful choice of euthanasia for their child. They want to make it sound like people are cruel for choosing what’s best for them and their baby.

Let me ask you this: should a child grow up unwanted? Because that's what will happen if the child doesn't meet the parents' specifications that they demanded at the clinic. The parents will always see in the undesired traits the wound of the injustice of not being presented with the baby they asked for, as is their right.

Parents should unconditionally love their children, but some don’t, and it’s unrealistic to expect them to. Should any child live have to live with the reality that their parents don’t love them? That’s cruel!

And people like to harp on about the right to life, but that issue was settled decades ago. Infants are not necessarily persons. What is the developmental difference between a third trimester fetus and a newborn? Nothing. Third trimester fetuses aren’t persons, so logically newborns aren’t either.  They're developmentally identical. Besides, infants are often euthanized for their own good because of life-threatening defects. This would be the same thing, with the same goal: that of sparing the child a life of misery and pain. 

It goes without saying that quality of life matters far more than biological life. Anti-choicers still haven’t understood this yet. What good is a right if it leads to a life of pain? You might as well not have it at all. 

Ellen McCormack: Pro-Life's Presidential Candidate of 1976

Ellen McCormack, 1975.

40 Years Ago this week, Ellen McCormack, pro-life columnist, wife and mother, was nominated for president at the Democratic National Convention (July 14th, 2016). She wasn’t a household name, although she did have some name recognition—her columns were carried in Catholic publications like The Wanderer and her other claim to fame was having organized the first large-scaled pro-life march in New York City in 1971, rallying 10 000.

Ellen McCormack ran for president at the behest of a small pro-life group—The Pro-Life Action Committee—that operated out the Cure of Ars Parish in Merrick, New York. The goal was to use the campaign as a platform to educate the public on pro-life issues by taking advantage of election rules which required the media to give all candidates equal time. Relying on thousands of grassroots pro-lifers across the country, she managed to raise $5000 in small contributions in 20 states, becoming the first woman in American history to qualify for matching funds. Her campaign was not without some controversy. Her single-issue candidacy annoyed political elites so much that they voted a change in funding rules in the middle of the election. As of May 1976, any candidate who did not gain more than 10% in two successive primaries would no longer be eligible for public money. Nevertheless, she had managed to raised $280 00 in small donations, received $240 000 from matching funds for a grand total of half a million dollars, of which $330 000 paid for television advertising.

McCormack was also the first woman candidate to qualify for Secret Service protection, which, considering the fringe nature of her operation, led to some humorous situations. For instance, when McCormack was scheduled to speak at a ballroom, the Secret Service told PLAC’s New Jersey representative that they would have to “sweep the ballroom”. “Oh you don’t have to bother,” said the na├»ve rep, “I’ll sweep the ballroom before Ellen speaks!”

Overall, she received 243 000 votes in 20 States, with a total of 1.4% of the vote, placing 11th in a field of 18 candidates. Her best showing was in Vermont, where she gained 8.6% of the Vote, and in Nebraska, where she placed third in the primary. She won a total of 22 delegates. Jimmy Carter’s nomination for President was not unanimous, as some sources had maintained.

Her main accomplishment was in keeping the abortion issue alive in a period where politicians desperately wanted the issue to go away. She was featured in human interest stories in newspapers and magazines. (Here's an article on her in New York magzine.) The mainstream political media mostly ignored her, except to complain of her single-issue candidacy. However, her commercials educating people on pro-life issues reached a total of 190 million people. (See below)

Anyone in reading up on the McCormack campaign can read Jane Gilroy’s book: A Shared Vision: The 1976 Ellen McCormack Presidential Campaign. (Only $1.99!)