Friday, April 24, 2015

Ontario gvmt agency that cut funding to pregnancy center is headed by Planned Parenthood leader

So if Stephen Harper were the head of an organization, and his government cut off that organization's funding, would that pass the smell test?

Stephen Harper would have no hand in the funding decisions.

But the people he hired would.

Abortion Advocate: Trust Women to Dismember Their Babies

She writes a whole article decrying Kansas' law banning dismemberment abortions.

She doesn't spend a single word to defend the principle objection to the procedure: that it dismembers unborn babies.

The deeper problem with the heated debate on abortion is the very premise that public opinion should bear any relevance in access to abortion care. Politics and public opinion have no place in our doctors’ offices.

Except when you demand that people pay for it. Then politics have everything to do with abortion.

She leaves aside the obvious objection that a fetus is a human being and shouldn't be dismembered. It's as if the way to fight opponents of abortion is to ignore their arguments.

Yeah that's going  to work. It did wonders for abortion advocates in Kansas.

List of Buses for the Ottawa March for Life

I lifted this list off of Campaign Life Coalition's website.

I'm sure there are more than this, we just don't know about it.

Reminder: the March for Life will take place on Thursday, May 14th at noon on Parliament Hill.

Christianity Invented Respect for Children

An excellent article:

But really, Christianity's invention of children — that is, its invention of the cultural idea of children as treasured human beings — was really an outgrowth of its most stupendous and revolutionary idea: the radical equality, and the infinite value, of every single human being as a beloved child of God. If the God who made heaven and Earth chose to reveal himself, not as an emperor, but as a slave punished on the cross, then no one could claim higher dignity than anyone else on the basis of earthly status.

That was indeed a revolutionary idea, and it changed our culture so much that we no longer even recognize it.

The radical idea that all human beings are valuable and equal is the reason why I am pro-life. I am a fundamentalist about acknowledging the value of each human being, and I make no apologies about it.

H/T: Jill Stanek

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It Sucked to Be a Birth Mom

Mellific's Story:

The father refused to acknowledge me or the fact the baby was his, except later, to offer money for an abortion. He was the first in a long line of people who turned their backs on me. But he was far from the most painful. When I absolutely refused to have an abortion, I was turned over as a ward of the state and placed in foster care. My family, unsure how to handle my “situation” and to be honest, too embarrassed to deal with it, decided this would be best for all involved.
During my pregnancy I was on my own. I rode the bus several hours to my prenatal checkups where I was segregated along with the other teen moms. The visits were quick and clinical. No information was given to me. No printed out sonogram pictures. I don’t even recall receiving a smile from the doctors or staff. It was uncomfortable and humiliating.
When I began to show, my friends stopped calling me to hang out. My foster sisters were taken out in public, on outings, and to church while I was asked to remain at home.
So here I was, 13, alone, pregnant, and afraid, and I had no one I could turn to. I believed with my whole being I was doing the right thing, but everywhere I turned I was treated as an embarrassment, a pariah.

Disclaimer: I don't know how long ago this was, or how reflective it is of anybody's experience today.

Sometimes I think the pro-life movement is so anxious for women to choose adoption instead of abortion that they want to portray adoption in a rosy light.

The reality is that being for nine months and giving one's baby away sucks. There can be emotional repercussions. And while adoption is definitely superior to abortion, I think we should encourage moms to raise their children, where possible. Mothers and babies were not meant to be separated.

Links: Memories Pizza, Boko Haram, Lily Tomlin, Women Religious, Child Protection

Lesbian Coach Fired for Threatening to Burn Down Memories Pizza. The real story is that she thought she could get away with saying what she did.

After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram. This story is getting a lot of traction on social media.

Lily Tomlin stars in pro-abortion comedy.

In Grandma, the Lily Tomlin movie that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is currently screening at Tribeca, Sage (Julia Garner) is an 18-year-old who's 10 weeks pregnant and decides to have an abortion. It's a heavy choice she doubts, and sure enough, on her way into the clinic with her feisty grandmother Elle (Lily Tomlin) they're faced with mother-and-daughter protesters.
Your baby has fingernails, one of them pleads, just like Su-Chin. "Not until 22 weeks," Elle spits back. Then the daughter protester punches Elle in the face. It's a long story — and a funny one.

Ha.Ha.Ha.  Because that happens all the time.

And PS: Medline Plus at the NIH says fingernails begin to appear around 11-14 weeks.

“What a horrible mother:” How a call from a “good samaritan” derailed these mothers’ lives.

I often wonder why feminists don't express more criticism of Child Protection. If there's any government body unfairly criminalizing women, it's surely CPS.

Women entering religious life in England and Wales at 25-year high.

A wopping 45 women entered the religious life. We're supposed to applaud? Sometimes I think Catholics get too easily excited.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ARPA Sues Ontario Government for Censoring Abortion Stats

Way to go ARPA and Pat Maloney!

The goal is to review the constitutionality of the ironically named Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, which excludes abortion statistics from the the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or FIPPA.

Pat Maloney says:

I think we can all agree, that regardless of our own views on this very controversial topic, hiding any and all information, about a publicly funded medical procedure hinders the public’s ability to hold the government to account and sets a dangerous precedent.

Legal Counsel Andre Schutten says:

Freedom of information is protected by the Charter’s freedom of expression guarantee because without access to government information, a citizen cannot meaningfully discuss, debate, scrutinize or make informed opinions on matters of public policy. This case is about transparency and democracy. In our view, the actions of a democratic government and the money it spends should be open to scrutiny by the taxpayer and voter. On this point, people from all sides of the political spectrum should join forces with us.

By the way, to my Progressive Conservative friends, there's a leadership vote going on right now.

It would be nice to see if the leadership contenders will comment on this situation. Somehow I doubt it. They didn't do anything to stop it in the first place.

I'm not sure how far this is going to go.

Nevertheless, it's an egregious violation of the principle of accountability to hide from the public the number of government-funded abortions. If public money is used, the public has a right to know.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Irony of Campaigns to De-Stigmatize Abortion or Why They're Doomed to Fail

RHRealityCheck (Who else?):

As someone who works on abortion storytelling advocacy, I can tell you the ultimate goal of sharing abortion stories is not to change policies. The goal of storytelling in any movement is to normalize a stigmatized experience, to connect the stigmatized people who often live in isolation, and to increase understanding about a taboo issue.

PEI Businesswoman Wants Candidates to Talk About Abortion

Suddenly I have an urge to run in the PEI provincial election.

Chelsea Ling, owner of the nail salon and boutique Papercakes Pretty in Charlottetown, has posted a sign warning politicians "Don't bother knocking" if they aren't prepared to discuss the issue.


"I don't care what people think, I just want people to talk about it," she said.


"Everyone's welcome. And it's not like if they come and have different opinions that we wouldn't welcome them. We would welcome them to talk with us or sit with us."

This would be a golden opportunity to make people aware of what a fetus is, and what abortion does to him.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Estate of Joseph Goebbels Suing Random House Germany for Copyright

Give me a freakin' break:
The estate of Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda, is taking legal action against the publisher Random House over a new biography, claiming payment for the use of extracts from his diaries.

The idea that Goebbels has a legal succession is odious to me. His family is making money off of diaries.

There should be some kind of legal provision where a dead war criminal can be convicted in absentia, and lose the right to profit from his writings.

And by the way:

His diaries, from 1924 to 1945, remain in copyright until the end of 2015.

Friday, April 17, 2015

France to Impose Abortion Quotas on Regional Health Authorities, Allow Midwives to Do Abortion

These measures were implemented in part due to the recent closure of a large number of abortion centres in France. This without a very strong pro-life movement, at least politically.

The big issue was money. Abortion is poorly remunerated in France. At least, it's seen as a money loser. Hospitals had to balance their budgets, and the abortion ward was seen as dispensable.

I have a hunch these Regional Health Authorities will have trouble meeting their quotas. If money is what was stopping hospitals from performing abortions, and they don't give them money, they will not do abortions.

It's true that midwives might pick up the slack. Are there enough midwives to that? We shall see.

I guess there's a silver lining to statism.

Russian Orthodoxy Violently Suppressing Other Forms of Christianity

If true, we need to nip this crap in the bud:

The facts speak for themselves: Greek Catholics and Kiev-patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox churches have become de facto ­il­legal entities in the annexed Crimea; in the Donbass region, an “Orthodox army” is active; dozens of Protestant ­churches have been seized; there have been cases of kidnapping, torture, and killing of pastors; ­Moscow-patriarchate priests openly bless terrorists and refuse to pray over deceased Ukrainian soldiers; Patriarch Kirill of Moscow predicts the downfall of Ukraine as a “kingdom divided against itself.”

Alberta Human Rights Commission Rules Secular School Discriminated Against Muslim Students

The Webber Academy is a private, secular academy. Two Muslim students were prevented from praying, and they sued the school at the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

In my book: your private school, your rules.

I seriously question whether Christians would have won a similar case.

What about the students who don't want religion in their environment. Do they get a say? Do their religious rights matter?

Story at the Calgary Herald.

It's Time to Man Up, Christians

This thought needs to go viral:
Every single person who is a Christian who stays “in the closet” — who’s timid about his or her faith — provides fuel to the PC fire, contributing to the notion that there really is something to be ashamed of, that what he believes is somehow wrong.

The more you shut up, the more they win. You don't want them to win? You have to risk it. If you don't risk it, you lose.

Pro-Choicer Tells of Her Traumatizing Abortion

Shemeka Michelle:
When I had an abortion, it was a traumatizing life experience. I felt such shame sitting in the waiting room. That shame only increased when one of the nurses assisting the procedure happened to be a former classmate. I wondered what she was thinking about me. Was she disgusted? Did she think that I was pathetic or even evil? I remember having an ultrasound to determine how far along I was. I was 7 weeks; searching for a way out, I asked the doctor if my baby was a real baby. He assured me that IT was only a mass of tissue. Reluctantly I continued with the process.
I screamed as this powerful vacuum like machine exploded and literally sucked the life from me. Tears rolled down my face not just from the pain but because my heart was breaking. I still believe that I have three daughters because I killed my son. I cried the entire day. My heaviest bouts of tears came every time I thought I heard the voice of a young boy saying “Mommy why did you do it?” I literally thought I was losing my mind and I felt like the most evil person on the planet. I couldn’t understand why it was affecting me to this degree. I knew many women who had used abortion as a method of birth control. They seemed to be totally unbothered by abortion numbers 3, 4 or 5. What type of woman could continually take this emotional trauma but remain unfazed?
Years later I would be moved to tears again staring at an ultrasound monitor. This time it was a planned pregnancy. I was totally devastated when the doctor pointed out the beating of what would become my baby girl’s heart. I was only 6 weeks which is why I can also identify with Pro-Life advocates. I felt instant sadness and anger towards the doctor who had reduced the life growing inside of me years prior to a mere “mass of tissue”. It took a very long time for me to be at peace with that decision and not cry whenever I thought back. I’m still Pro-Choice but I encourage women to make intelligent informed decisions from the moment he says hello! Life in any form should never be taken lightly. #ALLlivesmatter

It angers me that abortion advocates continue to lie about the unborn. Anyone who deals with the unborn knows that they are not masses of tissue. Anybody who knows basic science knows they are a live and human beings. If a woman asks about the embryo, she should be told the naked truth. How is a woman respected when she is not told the truth? How can she really consent to an abortion when she is not given the proper information?

This is precisely why sidewalk counseling exists: to tell women the truth, to give them another option. If this woman had met a sidewalk counselor, she might have received the information and saved her baby and herself. Where else are women going to get the truth about the unborn?

It's a little ironic that she is sad over her baby, but still opposed to fetal rights. There are millions of little babies like her child who get killed. If All Lives Matter, then we should recognize their rights

Thursday, April 16, 2015

VIDEO: Embryoscopy of Fetus Aged 9 weeks

Just because it's cool:

Danes Looking to Encourage Birth Through Sex Ed

If you want to increase births, you can't just ask couples to have children.

You have to change our social model. Right now, women "finish" their education some time in their 20s. They might have a boyfriend, but even if the do, they don't necessarily want to settle down and have kids, they have a student debt to pay and a career to establish. And of course, in the meanwhile, they might have 2-3 relationships (or more). Or none. By the time they find someone, they might be in their thirties. Then they might have one-two kids.

Then they break up.

So they woman might be like 38 years old, with two small children. Does a woman in this position really want to "start over" with another man?

And that's if she's not already sterilized.

Our social model is not designed to optimize fertility. Quite the opposite. Children are a bit of a drag, and they need to be produced at precisely the right time, or else they're unwanted and get aborted.

Really, what we need to do is encourage women to marry in their early twenties, have kids and then proceed to have an education and career. 

You can talk about babies in sex ed, but if women plan their futures in terms of their education and career first, they're not going to think about about more than two kids.

We also need to talk about stable marital relationships. 

That's really the kind of sex ed we need.

VIDEO: John Robson Discusses The Discovery of LSD

I'm glad John Robson brought up the topic of LSD in the 1960s. I know he was trying to make a point about trends and periods needing each other, but my interest is about the influence of the drug itself.

I did some research on the drug in university. I don't think we've given this drug the credit (blame?) it deserves for the culture.

Beatniks and then hippies used LSD as a mean to gain insight into oneself and of the world as a kind of spiritual experience. The hippies were rebelling against the conformist and superficial Christianity of their parents. They perceived American Christianity as inauthentic, whereas LSD and various other kinds of drugs and experiences were means to develop one's individualism and thus authenticity.

John mentioned in the video that LSD made people a lot less rigid. I would go a lot further. The danger of the drug was not just in the loss of rigidity. The drug had a tendency to make a person reject social and moral conventions altogether. Many people came away from and LSD with the belief that nothing was black and white, that social rules were arbitrary and phoney. While they may be fine for things like how to dye your hair, it's a bit more serious when it leads you to start a farming commune when you have no experience in agriculture, or you give your kids LSD as some hippy parents are alleged to have done. The LSD experience led to a philosophy of absolute relativism that anyone with half a brain can see, is intellectually and practically unsustainable. You do your thing, I'll do mine is all well and good, but sometimes what individuals do has a negative impact on others, and people with a conscience can't just stand by and let it happen.

Without drugs, I think a lot of people could have been shown the stupidity of absolute reativism through basic argumentation. However, with the drugs, I think it made argumentation futile. Many hippies saw the world through the prism of the insights that they developed through their drug experiences, and it's hard to persuade people they're wrong when they've experienced a thought they see as deep and meaningful. And with millions of people reinforcing that idea, it became culturally difficult to fight the tendency. The one thing that did help is that people graduated from college and had to do something with their lives: they couldn't just live off of Mom and Dad, or on their bogus commune, for the rest of their lives. People had to eat. And having to get a job made them face reality.

Some day I think people will come to understand the wide-ranging influence of LSD. And I don't say this as some disgruntled social conservative who hates drugs. It's just reality. The influence of LSD and its values could be felt in pop art, music, film and the like. People hear Jefferson Airplane and think their music was just groovy, but behind that groovy sound is what people heard while tripping.

Links: Countering Doubt, Abortion, Beer

Why youth lose faith:
Youth groups rarely encourage young people to grapple with tough questions. Instead the goal seems to be to engineer events that ratchet up emotional commitment. But emotional intensity is not enough to block out questions. If anything, it leads teens to redefine Christianity in purely emotional terms — which leaves them vulnerable when they finally do face their questions.

Vietnam woman narrowly cheats death following Chinese doctor-administered abortion. Vietnam is the the abortion free-for-all one would think. This took place in an illegal abortion clinic.

Woman Defends Having an Abortion at 36 Weeks: We Wanted to Hold Her Afterwards. She had her baby's daughter's brains sucked out. How loving. And while this article says the baby's head is crushed, it's not always the case. The size of the hole in the head used to suck out the brains can vary, so the baby corpse can be relatively intact.

Ontario to allow beer sales in grocery stores. Welcome to the 20th century! :)

In WTF News from Japan: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges

Japan? I thought they were pretty free-willing about obscenity, given their reputation for p0rn.

Why Religious Liberty Arguments Don't Work

In other words, a culture that doesn't care about religion won't defend freedom of religion.

Another salient point:

Our fellow citizens have absorbed and are committed to a particular view about the meaning of human sexuality and its place in our lives. Millions of people have ordered their lives around these beliefs. They are not going to give up those views, in the absence of an attractive alternative.

I was musing about this out loud on my newsfeed.

Have you ever noticed that chastity is only preached to people under 25, as if middle-aged adults were extempt?

People say contraception is a problem. That is true. But contraception is accepted, among many reasons, because chastity is generally rejected in the adult population.

If teens don't see middle aged people being chaste, it's normal that they don't take it seriously, either.