Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Links: No Strip Clubs in SK, Capital Punishment in OK and TX, and, of Course, Abortion

Booze ban for Saskatchewan strip clubs

Quote from Brad Wall:

“If by this decision we have inadvertently allowed for even a marginal increase in the chance for human trafficking, it’s the wrong decision,” he told reporters on Wednesday.
He added that strip clubs are linked to organized crime and he is concerned about sexual exploitation in the province.

Oklahoma bill to allow nitrogen gas in executions approved without debate

Texas acquires lethal injection drug from less regulated pharmacy

I'm glad that executions are threatened by the lack of drugs. But don't forget  that third trimester babies are killed by injection, too, which leads me to my next link:

New York House Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

So what? It's only human life. P.S. Canadian women are sent to New York on the taxpayer dime for late-term abortions.

Meanwhile, in Kansas:

Kansas House passes historic ban on Dismemberment Abortion, bill will go to Governor Brownback for his signature

I'm astounded at the relative lack of opposition to this bill. It essentially bans second trimester abortion. I`m sure there must be the usual health exceptions, but it would be prohibited on demand. Now, second trimester chemical abortions are being studied, and I expect that they will be more used in the Western World (the studies I've seen were from China), but I suspect that they need to be done in a hospital setting due to the length of the labour and the potential complications. Perhaps the hospital setting could make the cost of the operation prohibitive. A feticidal procedure could be used to speed up the process, and the same procedure is done with selective reductions in IVF, but it takes a skilled hand to kill a second trimester fetus with an injection. I don`t see this procedure coming to clinics.

But getting back to the opposition, or lack thereof: it astounds me. It`s like the opposition collapsed. Someone on my facebook stream suggested the real opposition will come through court challenges. I suspect that they just don`t want to have to defend dismemberment in public. They learned their lesson with Partial Birth Abortion.

Hundreds of thousands join massive March for Life in Lima, Peru

For comparison purposes, the population of Peru is 31 million. That is an astounding number of people, and doesn't include the other protests that took place.

Update on the "Quebec Health Minister Limits Abortions" story

My caution was quite justified.

TL;DR version: a quota of 1008 medical procedures (re: abortions) will be imposed on new doctors and on those who only perform a few abortions a week, not dedicated abortionists.

The Health Minister says this new health law will increase access to abortion, because all family physicians will be able to perform them.

Career abortionists will be able to obtain special dispensations to perform all the abortions they want.

There's a lot of background info I need to tease out to get the big picture, but this is all said and done in the context of a health reform going on in Quebec. There's a lot of technocratic jargon that needs explaining and I will be exploring this issue more in depth.

Quebec Health Minister Wants to Limit Number of Abortions Performed

Summary of this article in Le Devoir:

The government wants to impose a quota of 504 abortions per doctor per year.

The number of doctors who do abortions is small. ( But, would that mean other doctors would be forced to provide abortions?)

The government wants to eliminate abortion as a medical priority.

I'm cautiously optimistic. Let's see more details before we get jubilant.

UPDATE: Please refer to the update. The new measure does not appear to limit abortions as much as first thought.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Links: Catholicism, Genocide Prevention, Marriage

German Prelate Breaks Ranks With Cardinal Marx, Insists on Fidelity to Rome

Whoa, a cardinal cat-fight. You almost never see a cardinal oppose another cardinal so openly, especially when they're from the same country. Praise God, somebody with sense in that country!

Priests need defense against false accusations.

Even if a bishop thinks his priest is innocent, the out-of-court settlement that is sought could make it impossible to re-instate him.

12-Year-Old Girl Tried to Kill Her Mom TWICE Over Confiscated iPhone

Boy that family is a Dr. Phil show waiting to happen.

Slander and Character Assassination are Murder with Words

Character assassination works. It's a fact. Lying, adolescent, viral memes about politicians and other celebrities do the job. If you can make something stick to your opponent and make him look foolish, you win. At least in the short term.

That's no reason to do it.

Every Christian should care about their own soul more than anything else. Let me repeat: more than anything else.

This is why you should avoid turning into a name-calling, anger-machine. Sure it feels good. But it's antithetical to holiness. It's not humble. It places a higher value on politics than people and ultimately God. If you have to gratuitously denigrate people to win your cause, it's time to get out. Just because what you say is true doesn't mean it's good for your soul.

Warren Kinsella pointed this out:

For Matthews, that’s part of the larger problem. He said that the opposition parties are being too narrow-minded when they frame the mission from a combat perspective alone, neglecting to acknowledge Canada’s international legal obligation to prevent genocide.

As a pro-lifer, I feel hurt when I see genocide being perpetuated again and again. What the hell does it take to get people to act to stop these barbarians? The number of countries and people who strongly oppose this force is far in excess to ISIS. What the hell are we waiting for?

Life is cheap in this world. That's what I conclude.

Margaret Wente talks about the new divide: marriage. The thing is, you don't have to be rich to be married. You don't have to be rich to understand the philosophy of what I call The Straight and Narrow. We used to call them Judeo-Christian values, but you don't have to be Christian or Jewish to understand the value of permanent marriage, strong family, working hard, clean living and the like. Marriage is a reflection of the commitment to those values. If you do everything prescribed by the Christian religion, even if you're not religious, your chances of poverty are greatly reduced, and even if you are poor, your quality of life will be better than if you hadn't live a Straight and Narrow lifestyle.

CRTC issues $149K in fines to 9 companies for violating do-not-call list

Praise the Lord, I hope this means the Pakistanis won't be calling us any more.

When I consider all the harassment they've inflicted on us, I wouldn't let them clean my ducts if they were the last company on the planet.

Linda Gibbons Arrested Again Outside Morgentaler Abortuary

Because she's such a threat to society.
Witness has the story and photos.

There will be no victory without martyrdom. We haven't begun to suffer for fetal rights.

Links: Linda Gibbons, Plan B, GSA, Booted Liberal MP's, Immigrants, Cable TV

Witness has an interview with Linda Gibbons.

Alliance for Life Ontario published an interview with Dr Chris Kahlenborn regarding Plan B.

This is an intriguing part of the interview, although I cannot vouch for its scientific basis. I'm putting it out there for public consideration.

2. Plan B is supposed to “work” if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. But your paper says if Plan B is taken on the day of ovulation or thereafter, it does not appear to impact a pregnancy. Thus, would you say Plan B is (useless) if taken during or after ovulation?

Yes, it appears to be useless or actually may increase a woman’s risk of getting pregnant when taken on or after the day of ovulation, according to the data presented by Dr. Noe in her 2010 and 2011 studies (Contraception). Other leading researchers such as Dr. Trussell and Davidoff also raise this very real possibility: “it even raises the counter-intuitive but undocumented possibility that Plan B used after ovulation might actually prevent the loss of at least some of the 40% of fertilized ova that ordinarily fail spontaneously to implant or to survive after implantation.” (JAMA, October, 2006). In practical terms this means that while Plan B likely often works by abortion if given prior to ovulation, it has either no efficacy or actually could have a pregnancy enhancing effect if given on the day of ovulation or after.

Catholic Intelligence Blog talks about St. George Elementary's School new GSA. That was not a mistake: elementary school.

Canada faces dramatic drop in citizenship, prompting concerns about disengaged immigrants. Question: what do permanent residents think of this? Anyone bothered to ask them?

Christie Blatchford: Liberal MPs accused of sexual harassment treated less fairly than VIA plot terrorists

And that was that: Two men who had been accused publicly, their reputations ruined, by the two NDP MPs who have been allowed by both parties and the press to remain anonymous, had been investigated privately, and now all their leaders could say was that there was nothing to see here, move along folks, and, oh yes, hugs for the ladies.

It seems that if two MP's reputation are ruined, the people who voted for them have the right to know the details.

The entrapment potential is huge. It's not inconceivable for a female MP of one party seduce the MP of another party, then lay false accusations and ruin his chances of re-election. You might say: that's pretty unlikely. I say: in politics, you can count on people doing the sleaziest thing for political gain.

Paul Tuns raises another relevant point:

 In other words, why is whatever it is these two did a matter only for the Liberal Party and not the House of Commons. If these two did anything wrong, why is the punishment merely losing the right to caucus with the Liberals? To believe that sufficient punishment for any serious form of sexual harassment is to inflate the importance of being a Liberal above the importance of being an MP.

Cutting the TV cord? Call the anti-cable guy If you don't let people have their free market, they often find their own.

Monday, March 23, 2015

VIDEO: John Robson's Moments in History: "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

I'm hammering a certain theme here, but it bears repeating!

"If you think the culture should be different, help make it different."

VIDEO: The CRTC doesn't understand how the free market works

I want more choice, but what I really want is the free market. I don't want to be forced to pay for channels I don't want, and I don't want to force others to do so, either.

FEMEN Strikes C-51 Hearings in House of Commons

The protester wasn't caught on camera. Sorry.

I haven't closely followed the debate over C-51. I will say that if I were consciously against it, I would find a topless protest stupid. It turns opposition into a mockery. Is that what generations of women have worked towards? "Look at my t*ts, now listen to me?"

We Must Find Our Way Into the Culture

This line from Gavin McInnes is so crucial:

To proudly ostracize yourself from American culture is to give up on the country as a whole.

I love culture. I crave it. To some extent I've given up on it. In another life, under different circumstances, I might have been a pop culture critic, someone who read copious amounts of literature and wrote about it.

But I value my faith and my soul. And so I reject most culture.

U.S.: Execution drug supply is running low, and states are looking for lethal backup plans

The firing squad and the electric chair could make a comeback.

I've often thought exile would be an appropriate punishment for the worst murderers. Set up a penal colony on an Arctic island, deliver food, clothing, and medical care as needed, but otherwise leave the prisoners to themselves in the harsh wilderness. Like a gulag, but without the guards.  Why all this fuss over punishment? It could be very cost-effective.

Strip Clubs Closing Across Canada


"It seems that young Canadian males are more distracted with other types of interests — Game Boys, plugging in things and so on and it's almost as if the young women are the ones bringing them out to the clubs now.

It sounds like good news, but I suspect there's something more nefarious going on. My cynical self says they're getting it somewhere else. With strip clubs, contact is limited. There's more to this than video games. Even beta males have urges.

I would really like to double check the numbers but I'm not Googling that topic for anything. Not on this family computer.

H/T: ProWomanProLife.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Links: One-Child Policy, Education, CRTC, Fluffy Homilies

John Robson: What happens when the university sessional treadmill finally breaks?

I'm personally glad I did my history degree in spite of my lack of career in that particular field. It doesn't mean I think the state should have had to pay for it. Perhaps there should be truth-in-advertizing about such degrees: you can do it, but your chances of getting a job in that particular field are slim.

Chinese woman opposed to one-child policy given asylum in Canada — despite having no children

I'm posting that link because I recently read this heartbreaking article:

The ghost children: In the wake of China’s one-child policy, a generation is lost

We really should be doing something about this: either raising money to pay the fines, or allowing refugee status for families with "illegal" children.

Terence Corcoran: CRTC’s reforms aim for ‘viewer choice,’ but what they’ll get is viewer confusion

Dear Conservative Government: you had one job...

The Crisis of Fluffy American Homilies

It's not just an American problem! It's epidemic in the Western world. I said on my facebook feed maybe we should have a blogging campaign. Why, why, why do we not revolt against these homilies?

Recently appeared on The Catholic Breadbox:

The miracle of the Church is that it survives millions of terrible homilies every Sunday. 
--Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, (Pope Benedict XVI)

Sorry I haven't been so active. It's March break and I'm away. Will be back soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Being a Mom is Not a Job: Time Columnist

I'm kinda sympathetic to this piece of writing, without completely agreeing with it.

I wouldn't call mothering a job. I think in the quest to make mothering seem valuable, people call it a job and put a monetary value on it.

But it's not at all on the same level as paid employment. You're your own boss. There's no bottom line, no co-workers, no company, no "business".

Your job is to feed, clothe,clean and educate a little being every day. That's not a "job".

I wouldn't call it a privilege, either. It's not something special granted to you. You can do it, or not. Just because you get to do it and some people don't doesn't make it a privilege.

And I definitely wouldn't call it a hobby. A hobby is an interest. Mothering is far above a mere interest that you can leave behind at will.

That said, I do agree that calling it a "job" is ignorant and condescending, as if mothering doesn't have value unless it's on the same level as going to a job. I would call it a vocation. It's an important task you devote yourself to, that isn't done for the money or any accolades. It's just important in itself.

I think that parenting is the most difficult "job" in the world (for lack of a better word). On the other hand, you don't have to remind everyone of your martyrdom. On balance, it's probably easier to raise kids yourself than go to a job 8 hours a day and then come home to domestic cares. It's definitely nice not to have a job to worry about.

VIDEO: Rebel Media Does C51 Toronto Protest (Must See)

There may be legitimate grievances against Bill C-51.

This ain't it.

I strongly encourage you to post this to your social media.

(And sorry for the long absence, haven't been feeling up to par lately.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Crescat Denied Communion on the Tongue... At Her Grandmother's Funeral

It's times like these the Church annoys the heck out of me.

I really get burned when orthodox Catholics are treated like crap in the Church they love and try to build up, especially by priests who don't even have the decency to accept her own teaching and rules.

Maybe you don't like communion on the tongue.

I'm not a big fan of it (or at least, not the fuss that's made around it.) But you know what? The Church says you can receive on the tongue. So give people communion on the tongue.Especially at a funeral.

Now if that's not bad enough, he doesn't even use the proper elements for consecration.

FFS, what is up with that? It's not a difficult concept: you use wheaten unleavened bread and grape wine.

Do you ever feel like professional Catholics make the Church only for certain kinds of Catholics and not others? Do you ever feel like professional Catholics go out of their way to make half-believing bench-warmers happy but tell faithful, conservative Catholics to fug themselves?

Over-generalizing is unfair, but yes, there's a lot of that going around.

You try to live up to the teachings of the Church, you make a real effort to pursue holiness, to be as reverential as possible, and then some priest takes you down a peg or ten for being "holier than thou."

This isn't a careless mistake. It's systematic, to the point that bishops sometimes participate in it and even sanction it.

And to think these bishops are the gatekeepers of new vocations. *fume*.

Fr. Longenecker wrote about it, too, and I encourage you to blog and post about it.

Maybe some Catholic journalist will write an article about it, hint hint.

VIDEO: Does Kathleen Wynne Want to Tax Youtube and Netflix?

The story behind it in The Toronto Star.

How is this even the province's business? Broadcasting is a federal jurisdiction.

Bill Whatcott Says He is Done in Canada

He's moving to the Philippines.

I suspect he's not done spreading controversy, though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ProLife: We Don't Need Fake Memes

This is a good article.

A lot of things get shared by well-meaning pro-lifers that turn out to be false.

The people doing the sharing are often ill-informed pro-lifers.

Some of the Margaret Sanger photoshops were done for a blog contest held some years ago, although I was never able to trace the blog. It was never meant to be something dishonest.

But people probably Googled it and took the photos for historical fact.

Some time ago, I made the argument that undercover stings can be immoral because of the lying that takes place: that lying is an intrinsically disordered act and is thus never permissible.

Some people raised the objection that it's better to perform a lesser evil to stop a greater evil.

The problem with that is that we as Christians are called not to commit evil. We may sometimes tolerate a lesser evil to prevent a greater evil, but we may never commit it.

If you want to be a credible and trustworthy movement, you have to act in a trustworthy fashion. If you lie to gain what you want, how do you expect people to trust us when we say things that are true.

I think most of the sharing was done innocently. But it behooves us to do some research on things that we do talk about.

And before the abortion supporters get all smug, your side does it, too, and if you're honest you'll admit it.