Monday, January 26, 2015

North Carolina Abortion Clinic Under Investigation

This time the culprit is Hallmark Women's Center in Fayetteville, NC. It harkens back to Gosnell:

At no time did [abortionist] Moshesh administer any additional gas or other drugs to give her relief during her abortion, which caused her excruciating pain throughout. It was as if she was enduring some sadistic form of torture.

“I would not send an animal to die there. And what they’re doing – it’s just not humane. There’s no way possible that what they’re doing is humane,” she told me, choking back sobs.

After the abortion, Moshesh left her alone in the room again. She had asked not to see the ultrasound of her baby, but the monitor was left facing her with the image of her child still frozen on the screen. That is when, to her horror, she saw the “bowl” filled with blood and the dismembered remains of her now-aborted baby.

I wonder if they keep fetuses in their freezer.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Another Democratic Politician Won't Answer If Fetus is Human Being

Hoyer said that “this is not a real issue.”

The question is the issue, bud.

Dear Pro-Life Movement: Keep asking that question of your politicians.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nancy Pelosi Won't Answer Whether Fetus is a Human Being

We should really be putting these questions to politicians.

When exactly does human life begin? If not at conception,when?

The way she deflected the question was pathetic. The voters are entitled to know what a politician believes on these important matters.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

About Babies Saved from Abortion

We need more stories like this.

We need more stories of people whose lives were saved by pro-lifers, sidewalk counselors and pro-life organizations.

It would be kinda cool if, at the March for Life (or some other venue) we could have people give their testimony: I was saved because of sidewalk counselor, or a crisis pregnancy centre. People said this would happen if the abortion didn't happen. And this is what really happened.

I think it could give pregnant women hope. One of the motives women give to justify abortion is that they don't want their children to have awful lives.

Stories about babies saved show that life does not have to be awful because one does not obtain an abortion.

Stop The Awfulization of Abortion By Saying It's Not Awful: Pundit

Hanna Rosin reviews Katha Pollitt's Pro.

Only 7 to 20 percent of Americans tell pollsters they want to totally ban abortion, but that loud minority has beaten the rest of us into submission with their fetus posters and their absolutism and their infiltration of American politics. They have landed us in the era of the “awfulization” of abortion, Pollitt writes, where even pro-choicers are “falling all over themselves” to use words like “thorny,” “vexed,” “complex,” and “difficult” instead of doing what they should be doing, which is saying out loud that abortion is a positive social good.

Link Dump: Pope Francis and Pope Francis and ProLife Cheesiness

Rabbit, Punched. Father Lemieux has some wise advice:

And when you read some foolishness about the Pope, you have two possible courses of action, it seems to me. You could go read what the man actually said (the two links above took me exactly 20 seconds to find, by the way - it's not like it's hard to track down the straight story). And think about it. And put it in the context of, oh I don't know, EVERYTHING ELSE THE MAN HAS EVER SAID IN HIS LONG LIFE. All of which has been totally and utterly Catholic. That's one thing you can do.

Pope praises big families after breeding 'like rabbits' remark made headlines

Seriously, what did you expect? That he doesn't like big families? The meltdown orthodox Catholics have every time the pope says something is annoying. The Pope is Catholic. End of story.

It’s all about the presentation… Ottawa Against Abortion raises a salient point:

Why, then, does so much pro-life media seem full of cheese? 
I’m thinking of something more along the lines of this talking-fetus song from a right-wing pop band. What about that sappy letter from the point of view of a preborn child? In online comments and videos like this, he describes the first few weeks of his development to his mom before his life is taken by a medical professional who claims that his death is the antidote to her fears. (Somehow, he documents that, too.)
I know nobody believes that preborn children really have the ability to think just as an adult does (or an adult putting her words into a child’s mouth…*shudder*). Nor do I know anyone who honestly believes pro-life people think this way. Still, why has there been a lack of understanding in regards to what our culture values and pays attention to?

I’ll grant that appeals to God and sheer cuteness may work for some. It may be hard – frustrating, even – for us to be patient with people who do not seem to value every human person the way we do. I can understand the temptation to take shortcuts, of which there are many. Yet I wonder why some pro-life advocates rely on reasoning that many outside our community find incomprehensible or just plain weird. Why do we risk alienating potential supporters and making rash assumptions about the beliefs we share (or don’t)?

I'm going to offer a partial answer to that.

It's because it worked for them. The plastic fetus doll did it for me! So why not?

I proposed on my facebook status that every pro-life sign over 5 years old should be destroyed, and new ones made with new images, slogans and material.

It got quite a few "likes".

I think many pro-lifers unconsciously understand the importance.

One of the weaknesses of the pro-life movement is that we rely on old material, old tactics, old-- everything. This is one of our "shortcuts". People still quote pro-life pamphlets from 1971 on the risk of rape and conception (as if newer research has spoken on the matter).  But these memes get transmitted decade after decade without anyone bothering to update the issue.

We quote Jennifer O'Neil and Patricia Heaton as pro-life celebs, except that I can't remember the last time Jennifer O'Neil was in anything and I don't know if Patricia Heaton has been in anything since Everybody Loves Raymond.

If pro-lifers want to be relevant, they have to be a bit more up-to-date and culturally in-tune. I'm probably the worst one to advise being culturally in-tune (physician, heal thyself!) At least don't try to pass off B-listers from the 1980s as pro-life celebs. If we look irrelevant, we'll be treated as such.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pope Francis: Full Transcript of Press Conference in Flight from Manilla

See here.

I'm still browsing it.

Pope Francis: Something to Anger Everyone

That's my new drop phrase: Something to anger everyone. Witness:

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM MANILA, Philippines (CNS) -- Pope Francis stressed that, despite church doctrine against contraception, Catholics fail to practice "responsible parenthood" when they have too many children.

He also denounced the teaching of "gender theory" in schools, likening it to indoctrination of children by the Nazis and fascists.

And pissing off both providentialists and prochoicers:

But "this does not mean a Christian must make children one after another," the pope said, citing the case of a woman who became pregnant an eighth time after giving birth to seven children via cesarean section. 
"Does she want to leave seven orphans?" he said. "This is tempting God."

I dunno Holy Father, her OBGYN might think otherwise and hey... who are you to judge? :)

[And seven c-sections sounds like martyrdom to me, ugh. Full disclosure: I've had four.]

And you can be sure Catholics are angry about everything he said. There's no pleasing us. Everything he says is right there in the Catechism, but there's no pleasing us.

VIDEO: What if Every Pro-Lifer Did This?

I don't think "the abortion industry would collapse" if every American pro-lifer would do this.

So long as abortion is legal, it would metamorphosize.

Abortion-minded women would mail-order their abortions.

Still, I think it would be a good form of witness.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Liberal Devastated Pope is Catholic

... and defended Church's stance on contraception.
Also, liberal Catholics live in a bubble:

Most Catholic women have used birth control for decades. There are no more families with 12 and 14 kids in the Sunday morning pews.

She thinks that ALL Catholic women space their children using contraception.

Dear Liberal Catholics:

Pope Francis will not change Church teaching. Avoid disappointment and accept that fact.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pope Francis Defends Pope Paul VI's Stance on Contraception

Love love love.

Anybody who thinks Francis is a modernist doesn't know what he's talking about. Francis is a Son of the Church.

Fredericton Abortion Clinic to Re-Open

Story here.
Clinic 554 here.

It's very sad news. More human lives will be taken.

However, considering that it will focus on the queer population --not just abortion-minded women, it might be an opportunity for outreach.

I have a hunch this clinic will have trouble staying open, even with government funding.

Aside from abortion-minded women, it will seek to serve the LGBT community. I have no doubts that they exist in the community, but it seems to me that they would be just as happy to go to any other medical facility. Perhaps Trans people might have a greater reason to go there, but how many people in NB are Transgender?

Then there's the issue of finding medical staff who broadly agree with the ideological orientation of the clinic. It's one thing to open a clinic. Quite another to require those values of medical staff. Support for abortion doesn't necessarily translate in affirming  a confused adolescent's desire to undergo sex-change surgery.

New Brunswick might not be the best place for a clinic like this. It might stay open with government funding, but barely.

QUOTATION: Truth Seeking

St. Edith Stein
Anyone who seeks Truth seeks God, whether or not he realizes it.

--St.Teresia Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

Taken from The Catholic Breadbox.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

VIDEO: Pope Says Don't Mock The Faith of Others

Link to written article.

I love Pope Francis.

And I basically agree on where he's coming from.

But he's telegraphing the wrong message.

The Islamists want nothing more than for people to stop criticizing them and offending them.

The Pope's message dovetails with this objective.

They hear that we should kowtow to Islam and respect their faith.

And that's the last thing we want to encourage.

We must communicate the message: we're going to do whatever the heck we want and if you try to enforce your will on us, we will resist.

Pope Francis' statement will be used to shut down Catholic criticism of Islam. You can see the distortion coming from a while away: Your statement about Islam is insulting, Pope Francis said you can't insult us, so shut up!

Now I agree that generally, we should not mock people's faith, or insult others on purpose.

For somebody trying to live up to holiness, this poses a bit of a dilemma. Because the dynamic of the conflict demands that we resist Islamicization, and by definition, that must include saying something offensive to defend our freedom. With freedom, you use it or lose it.

On the other hand, spreading mockery and insult can be toxic to the soul.

The Catholic then has to walk a fine line between preserving freedom through harsh critique, and falling into invective.

We can't just capitulate in the face of Islamic aggression.And we can't play nice and not expect the Islamists to take our niceness  as a sign of weakness.

We have to continue calling out Islam on its errors and the bad behaviour of its adherents.

Objective truth will offend people. But sometimes it's necessary to do that.

Feminists Can't Even Admit What Causes Abortion Stigma

Or why I can't take feminists seriously...

Ann Kumar at RH Reality Check:
At the heart of abortion stigma is a set of beliefs about gender: beliefs that all women must become mothers, that female sexuality is dangerous and must be harnessed, and that women acting alone do not have the moral capacity to make life-or-death decisions.
Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it kills a fetus aka a baby.

I find that political correctness brainwashes a person so thoroughly, they have trouble seeing the obvious. Especially when it comes to feminists.

Now I would be the first to admit that abortion has many sources of stigma. Whenever you hear an abortion story, it's often an emotionally-charged one characterized by failure and negativity.

But the primary source of abortion stigma, the elephant in the room of feminist abortion politics is that abortion kills a baby.

Even if I didn't believe a fetus is a human being, it would be obvious that killing any higher life form is stigmatizing.

Consider the fact that meat processing and hunting are largely hidden activities. They may not have been a few generations ago. But today, any kind of animal killing upsets people even if it's morally justified.

I don't have a problem with killing animals for meat. But I don't want to look at it. Yes, yes, I've grown up with a Disneyfied concept of animals and I don't like seeing them slaughtered, even if I enjoy my chicken. Killing animals is the natural order of things in the food chain, but my emotional reaction to just about any animal is the same I had for my childhood pets.

Now how hard would it be to apply this kind of thinking to the fetus? Not very. It's plain as day to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

But the fetus is not something feminists like to deal with. It puts them on the losing side of the abortion debate.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

QUOTATION: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Jesus

Pope Benedict XVI
Today in broad circles, even among believers, an image has prevailed of a Jesus who demands nothing, never scolds, who accepts everyone and everything, who no longer does anything but affirm us.

The Jesus of the Gospels is quite different, demanding, bold. The Jesus who makes everything okay for everyone is a phantom, a dream, not a real figure. The Jesus of the Gospels is certainly not convenient for us.

--Pope Benedict XVI

Taken from The Catholic Breadbox.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

VIDEO: When Does Human Life Begin? An Embryologist Answers

A 5-year-old video. But still relevant.

A Human Embryologist answers, "When does life begin?" from Life Media Resources on Vimeo.

French Cardinal Tauran Reacts to Terrorist Attacks

President, Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue:

"We always try to dialogue, but then these crimes occur and they have no possible justification. They don't follow true Islam either. They are very harmful as well, because they decrease the credibility of inter-religious dialogue. People get confused about whether they are true believers or not.”

The French Cardinal says religion does not promote war and hate in the world, though some misuse it as a tool for violence.

So much to react to.

It Would Help if Muslims Stopped Feeling Chronically Offended

Egyptian cleric warns Charlie Hebdo against publishing new 'racist' cartoons

"This is an unwarranted provocation against the feelings of ... Muslims around the world."

This reminds me of when White Supremacists used to "warn" Blacks about being provocative.

For the sake of all, you understand. It'd be a shame if something bad were to happen to them.

The Grand Mufti's office called on the French government to reject what he called the "racist act" by Charlie Hebdo, accusing the newspaper of seeking to provoke "religious strife... and deepen hatred." 

These cartoonists just love it when Muslims go crazy over Muhammed pictures. It rewards them and it makes their point.

And did shooting people make it any better? No. It made Charlie Hebdo even more popular.

If you want them to stop making those cartoons, then you have to either shut up, or one up them in your response.

POEM: I am Charlie

childfree manboy
who talks tough
stalking his prey
on his XBox
three hours a night
(six on weekends)
who sodomized two men last night
and prude-shamed two women
while denouncing their beliefs as a bunch of fairytales
in all his pot-smoking libertarian-socialist sophistication
and then went for a 900-calorie snack at McDonald's
and thought about looking into Slimband

you can read his profanity-laced support for free speech on his facebook
his digital lolling at the imam kissing the pope like it's
21st century Benny Hill
all in the defense of laicité

no time for fanatics and especially losers
who believe in Muhammed or Jesus, who
by the way, had he been God
would have come down from the cross

(Just wrote it off the top of my head).