Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pro-life Office Vandalized in New Brunswick

FREDERICTON, N.B., July 20, 2006 ( – The front windows of New Brunswick’s Right to Life office in Fredericton have been smashed, and a sticker reading “choice” affixed to the front door, reports The Daily Gleaner.

Given that the act of vandalism, which was committed Monday night or Tuesday morning, coincided with the Show the Truth tour in Fredericton, which news reports have said is rousing the ire of some New Brunswick residents, some are speculating that there may be a connection.

"This is obviously a protest to who we are and most likely was triggered by the Show the Truth demonstration," said Peter Ryan, N.B. Right to Life’s executive director, according to the Daily Gleaner. "Someone with a deep-seated opposition to what we stand for did this."

"We tried to be a witness in a quiet way, but the protest made some people erupt and someone has taken their anger out on us because of where we stand on the issue," Ryan continued. "It's unfortunate there are people so disturbed that they would need to turn to violence and destruction."

Rosemary Connell, an executive director of Show the Truth, which travels around the country displaying graphic signs depicting aborted babies in order to raise awareness about abortion, called the vandalism “silly and immature.”

"If someone has a problem with us, I wish they would just come talk to me," Connell said. "Even if someone holds a different opinion, we'd be happy to sit down and discuss it. There's no need for smashing windows."

Connell has said that despite the anomalous act of vandalism, New Brunswick’s residents have for the most part been more receptive to Show the Truth’s message than anywhere else. “Since the beginning of this tour we’ve received far more than the average of positive comments,” she told LifeSiteNews. “Many people driving by are honking their horns in support. Many are even lining up and waiting until they get their pamphlets, or stopping on the streets and thanking us.”

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