Monday, September 25, 2006

The Conservative Government cuts $5 milllion of SOW's budget

I heard the news today, and I was rather delighted. As you may have read, the Conservative Government has cut $5 million dollars from administrative costs from Status of Women. Status of Women has a budget of about $23 million. $10 million goes to the Woman's Program-- that's the Program that funds feminist projects. A very small amount goes to research, and the rest goes to operations. So out of an operational budget of about $13 million, SOW got $5 million cut.

That's about 39% of its operational budget.

That's huge.

The Woman's Program remains untouched. That's a main political tool of SoW. However, there will be fewer bureaucrats to administer it. A smaller department can only mean fewer bureaucrats, and therefore a slower applicaton process.

I would have liked to see the Woman's Program cut, but maybe this is better in the long run.

This is a step in the right direction. But the whole department has got to go. I don't want to fuel speculation by anticipating what will happen to it-- someone might mistake my personal guess as a directive to the PMO in the vast right-wing conspiracy to make Canada into a theocratic dictatorship. That's how it works here in Canada. A so-con's correct prediction gets distorted into a leftwinger's vision of impending doom.

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: I was just looking over the Backgrounder on the cuts.

It turns out that the $5 million cut is over a 2 year period. The actual cut is not as deep. It's only a 20% cut out of a $13 million operating budget.

I will examine this more closely.

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Tory_canuck said...

Well, it is a step in the right direction.I agree that things can't be done overnight.If it is cut bit by bit, it will be completely gonzo in a matter of time.Baby steps are better than a kick in the keester with a frozen boot.we just gotta keep on pushin and fightin.Keep up the fight SUZANNE.You are courageous and have accomplished a great deal so far.i would like my name added to those who oppose SOW on your sidebar, but I don't know how.I am sort of computer illiterate and don't know much about doin links.I am havin trouble tryin to get your URL on my sidebar for the link thing of a bob.

God Bless,

your friend,


SUZANNE said...

Thanks Tory.

I've added your name to the blogroll anyway.

God Bless.

jeff said...

you know suzanne, enjoy this while it lasts because rest assured canadians will turf harper sooner than later. when that time comes, and you know it will, sensible canadians will cheer when full funding is restored to the SWC and then some.

vicki said...

Well jeff...when sensible Canadian taxpayers start paying attention to the fact that Ottawa can be trusted with their tax money, you will be proven wrong, and Harper will have his majority...
Suzanne...Gwen Landolt deserves a big thank you. She has been tirelessly working on getting the info out for years...watching the wild spending for years, and keeping us informed.Good to see the Court Challenges program cut as well.

Tory_canuck said...

Don't worry about the error.$h!t happens.What can ya do,eh?

btw-jeff, I don't think the libs are anywhere near gettin a gov't.They screwed up big time and Canadians turfed em for it.
As far as Canadians cheerin' for the SOW's goes, HA! NOT LIKELY!
Many don't care what the SOW's have to say and those who do are against em.The only ones who care about the SOW's are those who are too brainless to know any better and those who want to fill their pockets on their payroll and the leftoid special interest lobby groups.

REMEMBER ADSCAM?SOW is just a different version of it.
We have to put an end to SOWgate/SOWscam.