Monday, October 16, 2006


So it looks like the social engineers are looking to raise the Court Challenges Program from the dead.

CUPE and its bands of trick-or-treaters is looking to get its goodies from the government, and it thinks if it bangs the door a little harder, it will finally get what it wants.

What the Court Challenges program amounted to was "government funded dissent".

How "dissenting" is that?

If the government is willing to fund it, doesn't that send a message that the government isn't opposed to it (or is only nominally opposed)? Did you ever notice, it never funds right-wing groups?

The Court Challenges program is the darling of the left because it was an arm of judicial activism to implement the lib-left program of social engineering.

If they used the Court Challenges Program, it's because they knows that the people would never support their program.

So they had to find a roundabout way to impose their values. They had to bypass the democratic system and rely on a system of legal interpretation that read into the Charter rights that were not expressedly guaranteed.

CUPE and its band of mischievous trolls are trying very hard to save the program.

We cannot let their efforts go unopposed.

The CCP is dead. It has to stay dead.

You are now called upon to help keep that bloodsucking vampire dead.

1. Contact Prime Minister Stephen Harper,Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Treasury Board Secretary John Baird and tell them you approve of the elimination of the Court Challenges Program. Politicians hear gripes and complaints all the time. Give them a pat on the back. If they have the support of the public, they will be more likely to resist the opposition.

2. Contact your MP. Tell your MP you approve of the elimination of the Court Challenges Program. If you do not know the name of your MP, type your postal code in the textbox at the Parliament site, and it will tell you who it is.

3. Write a blogpost opposing the efforts to resurrect the CCP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Ask your readers to contact the Prime Minister, Jim Flaherty, John Baird and their MP's.

4. Email all your contacts and forward this information. Ask them to email the same contacts.

It's very important to make a strong show of force. Please take part, ASAP.