Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lombardy approves burial for all miscarried fetuses

The Regional Council of Lombardy, Italy has passed a law allowing for the burial of all miscarried fetuses, regardless of their gestational age. Up until now, only fetuses of 20 weeks or more could be handed over to their families to be buried.

The reactions published by Corriere della Sera seem to be generally positive.

But some of the abortionists at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan-- the first clinic to kill fetuses in Italy after the 1978 abortion law was passed-- are afraid this measure might deepen the guilt of women who undergo abortions.

H/T: Le blog d'Yves Daoudal through Le blog de Jeanne Smits. If you can read French, the latter is an especially good pro-life blog.

Gee-- now why would this make women feel guilty? While one family mourns the death of their fetus, another wants to get rid of it like a tumour...