Thursday, January 25, 2007

To Bread n Roses: A sperm is not a human being

In response to my call for citizenship for unborn children, fern hill at Bread n Roses writes:

Gyus, rise up! Defend your sperm! Sperms are Blobs too! If there can be Citizen Blob, there can be Citizen Sperm!

You know they're desperate when they use the "sperm" argument.
They seem not to be able to tell the difference between a 23-chromosome gamete and this:

I know many people who've loved their unborns, including some of the women who've participated on Bread n Roses.

No one loves sperm.

But that concept MUST be lost on them. Or else they can't make their reductio ad absurdem argument.

Nothing makes a person look more foolish than using such an argument that doesn't even make sense.

It also makes them look incredibly callous, because even people who favour legalized abortion love their unborns, and to compare sperm to unborn does not honour their intelligence.

And this is beside the fact that they use the "blob" notion once again.

Here's another clue:

If it doesn't look like a blob, it's not a blob.

Oh and another thing: feminists run away once again from addressing the value of the unborn child, proving once again that feminists hate this debate. They cannot win a debate about the unborn child.