Friday, February 02, 2007

Bread n Roses: they really *think* they're hilarious

Sick of all the attention the fetal rights movement is getting, Debra at Bread n Roses has launched a facetious campaign to legislate against pregnancy.

Since, in their minds, pro-lifers are working against one "choice", they figure they might as well legislate against the "other" choice.

Here are some of the facetious comments the Bread n Roses ladies are putting forward:

Why, I am sure that the money spent in birthday gifts alone is enough to purchase a new SUV!

And lemme tell you, I have personal experience. Birth pangs and babies I can't do, but I can complain about brothers and sisters. And the cousins and the nieces and nephews -- don't get me started! Where will it all end?

They think this is going to persuade

See, they think this fight is about pregnancy. They are not acknowledging the crux of the debate: that it's about whether or not a fetus is an equal, and whether the exercise of a woman's right is worth killing a fetus.

This is a little like the white supremacist of old facetiously saying that EVERYONE should own slaves. How is that funny? How is encouraging abortions humourous in any way? It's actually kind of sick. Even if most people are not in favour of fetal rights (yet), they understand that abortions are horrible.

Do these feminists not realize that, in fact, pregnancies after one birth are illegal in China, and that the authorities DO come to your house to forcibly abort you if you have a second child? And oh-- it doesn't matter if you're on the verge of giving birth-- they will strap you down and abort. This is well-documented.

But hey, if they're so against pregnancy, I will borrow from that oft-used slogan: Don't like pregnancy? Don't have sex! There's a good solution.

Feminists, once again, earn their well-deserved reputation for humour.


Here's the website.


DeBeauxOs writes of me:

Then of course, one of the prolifically verbose anti-choice criminalizers demonstrates to the whole blogging world her stupendous absence of a sense of humour and of irony.

Okay, I'm humourless. The notion of finding graphic photos of birth funny is beyond me. Yeah, I'm particular that way.

By the way, Fair Dealing requires that Berylnn acknowledges me as being the author of that whole paragraph she copied and pasted from my blog. "SHE" is not sufficient identification.

I would have expected better from a woman involved in the writing community.