Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Support Income-Splitting

Sarah at Choice for Childcare is organizing an income-splitting blogburst.

I would like to add my voice to this movement.

Income splitting would take a significant burden off Canadian middle-class families. It would also provide an incentive for parents to stay home and be with their kids.

It would help finance child-rearing in Canada. Too many people see child-rearing as some kind of personal choice or luxury.

Children are essential to the growth and productity of every nation. We simply cannot penalize childbearing without penalizing ourselves in the long-run.

Income-splitting would be an efficient way of putting money in the pockets of moms and dads across the country. Instead of re-distributing money through yet another social program-- a program that requires labour, overhead and other costs-- simply leave the money to the parents.

My family's situation would greatly improve if income splitting were a reality. I call on the Conservative government to implement it in the next budget.

If you're really serious about income splitting, why not let the government know. You can put a submission through to the pre-budget consultations.