Friday, February 02, 2007

Official Launch of

The Family Coalition Party of Ontario is pleased to launch a new blogs aggregator for social conservatives called

All listed blogs support equal rights for unborn children and the traditional definition of marriage.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first blogs aggregator in Canada organized around a provincial party.

On, there are two blogrolls: one is for Ontario bloggers who are supporters of the Family Coalition Party of Ontario.

The other features bloggers from outside Ontario who agree to the principles of the Party and want to contribute in building a culture of life.

Any Canadian blog that fulfills those criteria and addresses pro-life, marriage or family issues is welcome to join. Visit the website for more details. It is an excellent means to by-pass the mainstream media and build a venue for social conservative ideals.

Les blogues en fran├žais sont les bienvenues.

We not only need bloggers, we need readers and cheerleaders-- people who build traffic for the bloggers, comment on their sites, and pass on links and so forth. We need all of you reading to contribute to this effort. Your co-operation will make a difference.