Monday, March 12, 2007

Bill Whatcott hits the University of Regina

I received this report from Bill Whatcott by email:

This weekend was rather exciting and fruitful. The persecution and opposition was intense but the fruit which was harvested from the battlefield was good.On Friday morning I bombarded the University of Regina campus with 1000 hard hitting Whatcott flyers, "God is not pleased with Academia's Culture of Death." (To see this honest and accurate flyer go here, It wasn't very long before the University of Regina started receiving calls about my presence on the campus and they dispatched Dan the campus security officer to chase after me.

Attachment one is Dan in his campus security car chasing me .
I saw him coming and I had the advantage of cutting through cars, boulevards and parking lots forcing him to drive considerable distances around the campus to stay in pursuit of me and for awhile I was able to get away from him. While Dan was driving around and trying to get into whatever parking lot I was in, I would hit a half dozen cars with my flyers and then run over the boulevard or into one of the campus buildings when Dan got close to nabbing me. This went on for probably half an hour and it worked rather nicely. Many cars, bulletin boards, classrooms, teachers and students were hit with the truth about fornication, sodomites, abortion and Jesus Christ. Some of the students screamed when they looked at my flyer with the reality of anal warts and abortion on it. I never stuck around as I figured the flyer spoke for its self and I needed to get as much info out as possible before the homofascist lobby kyboshed my ministry endeavours.

Attachment two is Dan finally catching up to me.
Just as I'm taking this picture Dan is telling me the Regina City Police will be coming and the University of Regina will be pressing trespassing charges against me if I don't leave the campus. I inform Dan I'm not leaving and I invite him to a coffee so I can share the Gospel with him. To my surprise Dan accepts and we agree to meet at a coffee shop on the University campus called Henderson's Cafe. Dan asks if I could give him 20 minutes to get to the cafe. I say that will be fine as I can leaflet more vehicles and students with the type of knowledge they won't get in a pro-homosexual college.

Picture three is quite amazing.
Hanging from the ceiling of the University of Regina's main cafeteria just outside Henderson's Cafe is two large banners promoting Islam a religion directly responsible for the deaths of millions of Christians, homosexuals, feminists and other non-Muslims this past century. After staring at the banner for awhile, getting a laugh at the misspelled word "peaseful" (I notice many of the students who write me from U of R to tell me I'm an uneducated moron for not being pro-homosexual, pro-Islam and pro-abortion, their spelling tends to be around a grade 9 level, no kidding) and concluding the publicly funded university is indeed promoting religion, (but not proper grammar and spelling) I decided in the name of truth and justice the students in the cafeteria better get some true religion to supplement the false religion which appears to have official endorsement. From table to table I went with the flyers. A few students went "ooooohhhhh!" when confronted with the realities of homosexuality and abortion, a couple students tore up and crumpled my flyers and others just stared at the pictures and went back to their studies.

Dan the campus security showed up with a lady who identified herself as Manager of the University of Regina's Security Services. I bought Dan his coffee and the manager declined. She started telling me the University's legal counsel informed her I could be charged with trespassing if I persisted in leafleting the university with my flyers.I asked her if it is really sane to prohibit my speech and then put up two huge banners promoting Islam a religion with a history and religious text that is anything but peaceful. According to her the sodomites on campus are ok with the Muslim thing but they feel unsafe with my flyers floating around the University. The manager then suggested I try to apply to the student union with my latest flyer to see if I could have a table thereby resolving the conflict of my flyers floating around the university parking lots. I told her I was already rejected twice as the Student Union is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion and therefore opposed to my point of view and won't allow it. She told me they didn't see my latest flyer and they might approve it. In the end the manager of security asked me to agree to refrain from leafleting the university or face charges. I told her if the Student's Union gives me a table I would refrain from bombarding the parking lots but if they don't the bombardment would continue. The manager seemed to think I would get a table for my latest flyer so I headed to the Student's Union office and handed out more flyers on the way.

My visit to the Student's Union office was rather brief. The secretary looked at the anal warts and murdered unborn child picture and didn't even bother reading the text to tell me my request for a table was denied. I thanked her for her time, handed out a few flyers to students in the Student Union lounge and left. I spent another hour in the university parking lots leafleting cars and never heard from Dan the security again. I took my remaining flyers to the apartment buildings and townhouses surrounding the campus. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me get into the secure buildings and I believe He answered my prayer. Every single building had someone going in or out or had someone open the door for me on my first buzz as I entered them. I leafleted all of their mailboxes and left.

By about 4 PM the responses started coming in. Both young men and women called and started swearing after seeing the pictures and reading the truth about God's holy standard for sexual purity and respect for human life. The one call which made it all worthwhile was a young man who first called and screamed at me I was "f----d in the head." Not thinking much about it I simply told him Canada had the problem and not me. Canada tolerates and celebrates what he is looking at on my flyer. He went on that if he ever caught me in front of his mailbox he would beat the daylights out of me and continued using the f---- word in every sentence. I told him he needed Jesus Christ and that I would indeed continue to distribute the flyers. He hung up and I never gave his call much more thought. About an hour later he called back again and apologized for swearing at and threatening me. He was still quite upset but in addition to trying to convince me it was wrong to distribute my flyer he shared he made a previous girlfriend get an abortion. He really wanted to convince me his ex-girlfriend's abortion (which he played a direct role in procuring) was necessary and justified.

I discerned he was hurting and struggling with guilt over what he done, especially after seeing the picture of the murdered unborn child on my flyer. I was straightforward with him and shared I was a great sinner like him and I have been forgiven of many horrible sins. Still he needed to repent and accept he murdered his child. It was wrong and no good excuse would ever make it right. He listened silently and I told him I would pray for him. He hung up and wished me well after hearing my life testimony and accepting he did indeed commit murder. While it is too late for the child who was already slaughtered and thrown in the trash heap, these flyers may prevent the young man from choosing murder as an option again. Maybe with the work of the Holy Spirit the young man might decide he needs a Saviour and turn to Jesus Christ that his blood guilt could be completely and unconditionally forgiven.

Bill Whatcott
Executive Director of the Social Reformation

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