Friday, March 30, 2007

Bill Whatcott is interviewed by Global News Edmonton

Bill Whatcott was recently intervied by Global News in Edmonton in the light of his recent distribution of flyers in that city. I received this update by email:

Dear Friends:
Edmonton Global News did an interview with me and then did a smear job on their 11:OO PM news. It was pathetic. I made so many good points in the interview about homosexual sexual abuse, my conviction emanating from my experiece growing up being raped by sodomites and then falling onto an immoral lifestyle my self. In my interview I focused on the children and their suffering being brought up in homosexual homes. I told the journalist the police phoned me and said I would not be protected if I was assaulted.

All of that was surpressed. I got a 30 second sound bite saying I stood by my flyers 110%. The journalist talked about me for a minute making me look like a whack job with $40,000 in outstanding fines. She said the Edmonton Police Hate Crimes unit was investigating me and that was it. Then a sodomite activist got 2 minutes to talk about the damage my flyers do. A person who received my flyer got to talk for a minute about how upset he was with the flyer. Naturally Global focused on the harm that a child could come to seeing my flyer.

To see Whatcott's flyer that would allegedly hurt children:

The truth is a medical picture of anal warts with a Biblical admonition to not allow children to be adopted in to homosexual homes will not harm a child at all. Global News covered up the truth. Putting a child into a homosexual home will cause great harm.

I know the smear will play on Global Edmonton for Friday's Edmonton morning, noon and evening news.

If someone could record it for me I would appreciate it. Its a valuable lesson on media bias. The beauty of flyers and internet however is one can bypass the media and still define the debate.
Bill Whatcott
Executive Director of the Social Reformation

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