Monday, March 26, 2007

CBC Online wrongly reports Charest's re-lection

As I speak, the CBC has reported Charest's re-election.

Note the time, 8:52 PM Eastern.

But at that time, Charest was losing by several hundred votes.

I did a screen capture of the story, in case they pulled it.

They just assumed he would be elected.

They put Charest got "???" (three question marks) of the vote. The author forgot to insert the percentage he got of the vote.

But look at the results at 9:42 PM (screen capture).

It's Claude Forgues of the PQ who is leading by over 400 votes.

This is CBC reporting bias at its worse. The CBC Ombudsman should really hear about this.

UPDATE: At 10:05 PM Eastern, the CBC Charest story is still live, as per this poster at Free Dominion.

UPDATE #3: CBC Newsworld (the channel) has announced that Jean Charest has lost his seat, circa 10:20 PM. His first election loss.

UPDATE #4: As of 10:35 PM, CBC Online is reporting that Charest has lost his seat. UPDATE #7: The story has been pulled, but I have that screen capture, too, if anyone is interested.

Know what though? The gap is closing at this time. He's now only losing by 110 votes.

UPDATE #5: Well what do you know-- he did win with a last-minute rally: he's ahead by 600 votes as of 11:31 pm.

The CBC reporting is still lousy.

UPDATE #6: Now Charest is up by 1300 votes.

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