Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fat woman gives birth; unaware she was pregnant

I know instances of women going through nine months of pregnancy unaware of the baby inside them aren't unheard of...still, it amazes me. What's even more special is that they had been trying to conceive. The lady even underwent gastric by-pass surgery to lose the weight in order to conceive. This might explain why the weight did not go away.

Wednesday during a scheduled C-section, Barnum and Edwards became the unbelieving parents of a healthy seven pound, seven ounce baby boy. Barnum never experienced morning sickness or felt the baby kick. "If he kicked me I didn't feel it." claimed April. Doctors claim that Barnums girth and fat layer could have contributed to the lack of feeling of kicking and the turns of the small fetus. Little Walter Edwards entered the world at 2:15 p.m., February 28.


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