Thursday, March 08, 2007

Italy:Fight to save aborted baby

ITALIAN doctors are struggling to save the life of a 500g baby boy wrongly aborted after hospital tests misdiagnosed a deformity.
The child's mother aborted 22 weeks into the pregnancy after doctors from the Florentine teaching hospital, Careggi, told her two ultrasound scans showed a high risk of a defective oesophagus. But when the fetus was aborted, heart still beating, doctors realised the child had been perfectly healthy, and rushed to resuscitate him.

Weighing just half a kilogram, the baby suffered a brain haemorrhage during the abortion and doctors doubt he will survive.


What does it matter that he was born? Why weren't the doctors trying to save him IN THE WOMB?

And from what I can gather from the news story, the abortion was illegal. I'd have to do more research into Italy's laws, but the report said you can only abort in the first 90 days of pregnancy.

At least they have some sense in Italy. Here, in Canada, that story would barely raise an eyebrow.

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