Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jerry Falwell answers my question

In a previous post,I wondered how Jerry Falwell could invite Gingrich to make a commencement address.

Well, here's my answer.

As a pastor with more than a half-century of experience of working with fallible people, I have ministered to a few men who have experienced moral collapse. I have usually been able to tell which of these men was genuinely seeking forgiveness for their actions. My sense tells me that Mr. Gingrich is such a man. He is today happily married to wife Callista, and committed to being the husband he should be.

I well remember the challenge we evangelicals faced in 1980 when our candidate, Ronald Reagan, was the first presidential candidate who had gone through a divorce. We wisely made allowance for God's forgiveness and America was the beneficiary of this historic champion.

Consequently, I decided earlier this week to invite Mr. Gingrich to come to Liberty University on May 19 as our graduation speaker. This will be his second commencement speech at Liberty, previously addressing graduates in 1991.

And Ronald Reagan did what exactly for unborn children?

Does he not see the bad optics this will create, the charges of hypocrisy, and all that entails.

I'm just blown away that the American social conservative leadership thinks this is okay.

Divorce is one thing. Cheating on your wife is quite another.