Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nasty row between Hannity, Frs. Euteneuer & Morris

Regarding the dispute between Sean Hannity (see video), and Fathers Euteneur and Morris.

What a nasty spat.

Father Euteneuer should not have to go on air and answer to an obviously dissenting Catholic layperson on prominent Catholic doctrines.

Hannity was clearly out of line. If he went to the seminary, I'm not surprised. Seminaries are often bastions of dissent, not orthodoxy. Heresy passes for learning there.

I found it hilarious that Hannity was upset about being told that his faith was superficial, then he said "Judge not, lest ye be judge" in that liberal fashion, the badge of superficiality to any orthodox and knowledgeable Catholic. I also loved how Hannity asked if the priest was going to excommunicate him. If he

As for Father Morris: what the heck was he thinking? Hannity is the one who should be brought to task, not Fr. Euteneuer. He's doing the Church a massive favour. Father Morris should take a page out of his book.

But as appropriate as this intervention is, the clergy in this case is going after the "small fry". Nothing wrong with taking Hannity to task, but there are way Catholics worse out there who do more damage. Although I'm sure that Fr. Euteneuer is critical of them, too, there a question of optics here: it's a bit incongruous for the Church (which Father Euteneuer represents) to go after Hannity, when folks like Nancy Pelosi get away with promoting the killing of unborn children.

I've noticed that about the Church lately: the small fry get their knuckles, the really major figures never have anything done to them.

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