Friday, March 30, 2007

Shaidle and Kinsella on Steve Paikin's The Agenda

I wish I weren't so tired. I really want to watch Kathy Shaidle and Warren Kinsella in the same room. They're on The Agenda. I can catch them at 11:00 pm, if I manage to stay awake. Maybe I'll luck out and have a bout of insomnia tonight.

She had this to say:

You may want to tape it as proof of the coming End Times -- Warren & Kathy, sitting side by side, not killing each other. In fact, he was the least disagreable person on the panel (Lord, is there anything so asinine that a professor won't believe it...?) Off camera, he complained about getting acne at his/our age and I shared my zit cure: toothpaste. Seriously, try it. Great stuff.

Sorry to disappoint y'all but what can I say: that's what happens when you bother praying before you meet up with someone you don't like. Speaking personally, I literally cannot hate the person in their presence after that. (Until the next time they do something dumb.) It doesn't last forever, of course; neither did manna, on purpose. And the people Jesus healed presumably got sick again, and all eventually died.


Anyhoo, lots of the usual nonsense was aired about "falling church attendence rates", but the worst contribution always comes from the atheist, in this case, well-known Canadian oncologist, author, tv host (and, I learned in the Green Room, cousin to Barbara Amiel), Dr. Richard Buchman.

It's like Fr. Neuhaus always says: Funny, the God atheists don't believe in is the same God I don't believe in: the "old man in the sky" who "causes all the wars in history" blah blah blah. So called "rationalists" almost always reveal themselves to be small minded, superstitious types after their 10 minutes of talking points run out; their only amunition are discredited Crusades death stats and some stupid thing some stupid religious person said to them when they were six.

I feel like I'm really ripping her off here, but she has such a way with words.

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