Monday, March 05, 2007

Susan Riley on Elizabeth May and the Greens

I find it very intriguing that the Green Party is now neck and neck with the NDP. Too bad their support is so spread out across the country, she could maybe pick up a few seats. As far as I'm concerned, any vote that divides the left is good.

Susan Riley wrote about this rivalry and how the rhetoric is heating up. From a so-con point of view, I'm glad to see that the abortion issue was addressed:

May has also been upbraided by the feminist left for her nuanced position on abortion. She would never have an abortion "in a million years", she has said and describes herself as "pro-life" in the largest sense -- fighting as she has, for much of her adult life, for the survival of the planet.

At the same time, she supports a woman's right to choose and access to legal abortions. She argues that abortion is too complex an issue to be reduced to slogans, and wishes protagonists in the often-hateful debate would respect one another's sincerity rather than hurling insults.

This approach earned her a rebuke from another former American, respected feminist Judy Rebick, who declared that she was ripping up her Green party card. "I hope you understand who you are crawling in bed with here," Rebick warned May. The refrain has been picked up by NDP MPs, including Peggy Nash, who recently urged voters to look closely at May's stand on reproductive rights.

Yeah, Elizabeth May is crawling into bed with the majority of Canadians who are not enamoured with fetal rights or legalized abortion.

She's such a nut that woman.

I would like someone to ask Elizabeth May if she favours any kind of legal protection for the unborn. Somehow I doubt she is in favour, but you never know. She might be persuaded to support an unborn victims of crime bill. She also hasn't made any statement about late-term abortions.

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