Friday, March 23, 2007

Vote Life, Canada! Launches on March 25, International Day of the Unborn Child

Contact: Eric Alcock, President, Vote Life, Canada!, 403-253-1577

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, Mar. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Vote Life, Canada! is an educational resource organization whose goal is to assist Church leaders to recognize the unborn as victims of the grave injustice of abortion. On March 25, the International Day of the Unborn Child, Vote Life, Canada! will launch with a national vision to mobilize congregations to establish justice for Canada's unborn through the informed and responsible exercise of their Christian duty to vote.

'Canadians, particularly Christians, need to be alerted and re-awakened to the monstrous evil of abortion and to its various contributing causes,' says Eric Alcock, founder and president of Vote Life, Canada! and a former evangelical pastor. 'Vote Life, Canada! exists to advance such an objective and to carry it forward to its logical and necessary end, which is complete legal protection for all unborn Canadians through recognition of their full personhood.'

Through networking with Church leaders, hi-impact multimedia presentations and other educational enterprises, Vote Life, Canada! aims to expose the plight of the unborn child and God's urgent but neglected call to Christians for justice and rescue. 'When Christians vote for (or fail to vote) and elect candidates who, year after year, take no steps to defend the unborn, they perpetuate the legalized slaughter of God's most vulnerable souls and cease to function as salt and light in their society,' says Alcock.

Vote Life, Canada! will challenge Christians to pursue justice and will offer guidance in the responsible exercise of their democratic voting duties with a view to change existing laws. 'The task of defending innocent human life,' states Alcock, 'is everyone's responsibility and to be Christian, historically and doctrinally, is to be pro-life.' In addition, he notes that ‘the committed pursuit of justice has, throughout the ages, been a recognized badge of the authentic life of a Christian.'

Vote Life, Canada! relies on the financial support of churches, pro-life organizations, religious and charitable groups, and private individuals who share its objectives and broad vision. Letters and e-mails expressing support are invited and may be addressed to: or Vote Life, Canada! Suite 287, 7620 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary, AB T2V1K2

Visit the official website at and the blogsite at


Eric Alcock really deserves to be supported in this. He is now devoting himself entirely to fetal rights activism. I hope you all go visit his website.

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