Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baby Samuel: then and now

There's a famous picture of Baby Samuel as a fetus, reaching out and grabbing a finger during an operation in 1999:

Well guess what? Now he's a lot older:

I think one of the weaknesses of advocating for the unborn child is that he is anonymous to the rest of the world. You see pictures of fetuses, but they have no names or backgrounds or identity of any kind to the larger world.

And because they have no identity, people just assume they're nothing-- which is stupid. I'm really glad that the pro-life community has put out a picture of him now that he is school-aged. It helps the cause of fetal rights when we can put a name on a face, and show the "before" and "after"-- that unborn children truly are human beings.

Answers to the criticism the fetus picture is fake can be found here.

It's always the same refrain from the pro-aborts. They say the pictures are fake, but they never provide their own. It diminishes their credibility-- they can't back up what they say.

Here's a telling quote from Jill Stanek's site:

Let me remind everyone how USA Today reporter Robert Davis started his original article, " In a crowded operating room where outsiders have gathered to watch a rare medical event, surgery on a fetus still in his mother's womb, a stool falls with a loud bang, "Hush," said, Joseph Bruner, the doctor leading the operation, "you'll wake the baby."

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