Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Doctors should protect human fetus

The American Medical Association and other medical professional organizations have resolved that no ethical physician should participate in criminal execution or assisted suicide but should provide care and comfort until death and not abandon those in need. So why not the same stance toward the unborn?

Interesting that the good doctor should mention that. In Canada, late-term abortions are often performed by injecting potassium chloride inside the fetus' heart-- the same substance used to execute American prisoners.

Isn't it time we abolished late-term abortion in this country?

Obstetrics textbooks affirm that the status of the human fetus has been elevated to that of a patient who, in large measure, can be given the same meticulous care that obstetricians provide for pregnant women. That the fetus is an actual human life was accepted by the medical profession from 1850 until 1970 as a scientific fact that led to the prohibition of abortion in the United States.

The personhood of the fetus is an established fact. When abortion is not the subject, listen to how people talk about their unborn children. They don't call them "blobs of tissue"-- they are sons and daughters. They are fawned over and loved. You don't fawn over "a clump of cells".

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