Monday, April 09, 2007

The face of 'Choice': An Australian's story

This story made me sick. It's the account of a vulnerable woman who WANTED to keep her unborn child, but everyone around her--especially the abortion establishment-- was pushing to abort-- saying that she was inconsiderate for wanting more than two kids. After the termination, she was virtually suicidal.

“My doctor was no help to me. She told me I was being stupid. So I found a new doctor. He did some tests and found my ovary had been cut in the operation. He also found a lump in my left breast.

“I had had a check up last year and had no lumps before. I am now waiting for the results of a mammogram. I am on anti-depressants. I also got an infection after the abortion. I lost many kilograms. I was a healthy woman before. The stress badly affected my husband. He has left me. Now I am on my own with my children.

“I feel like I have been betrayed, deceived. They’re just doing business. They run it like a butcher’s house. How can they do these things? I can’t believe this could happen in a place like Australia.”

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