Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More info about bloggers banned from The Hill

So I'm just poking around the internet trying to find out more about the relationship between the Parliamentary Press Gallery and the Speaker's Office, in light of Stephen Taylor's ejection from the Hill by the PPG.

Bene Diction Blogs On had a story three months ago about Garth Turner and his MPtv person also being browbeaten by the PPG.

Bene quotes Garth on his blog:

In fact, a week ago I was doing a standup in the foyer and was asked by the Parliamentary Press Gallery president to move along. He suggested we relocate our operation into an area full of coat racks down the hall. Yeah, coat racks. Now, I am told, the same media meanie is writing to the Speaker of the House to have us blackballed.

They won't kick Garth out because he's an MP, but they can sure stop him from interviewing.

UPDATE: BC in TO has a quote from Elizabeth Thompson, the reporter who made the original complaint about Stephen Taylor:

Different kinds of passes entitle the wearer to different types of access. The pass you got identifying you as part of an MPs office no doubt allows you to go some places that the media are not allowed to go. On the flip side, it does not allow you to tape or videotape people in the foyer of the House of Commons. If every one of the 308 MPs sent a single staffer to tape or videotape other MPs it would be chaos - and dangerous - for MPs and the media in the foyer.

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