Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Non-Pro-Lifer courts pro-life voters in North Van

Peter Krahn, who is running for the Conservative nomination in North Vancouver, is attempting to court the pro-life vote.

He made a pitch that I've heard other political types use, and it's starting to get on my dang nerves:

"Personally, I don't support abortions." But rather than banning them outright, Krahn said "current discussion [amongst pro-lifers] is really starting to focus on how do we minimize the number of abortions that are being done and how do you get people out of a position where they feel compelled to make that choice.

So would he support legislation outlawing abortions? "If someone was to give me a piece of legislation, I would have to read it first and consider whether or not I felt this was good for Canada," he responded.

Pro-choicers must think we're really dumb. Reduce abortions! Why didn't we think of that!

The point of our struggle is not just to "reduce abortions". The point is to give unborn children legal protection.

We don't need another politician trying to court our vote, and then doing zilch for our cause.

The keen pro-lifers haven't done much (though I don't blame them). So what makes him think that those are who not even pro-lifers will do anything?

What I want to know from a legislator is this: what are you prepared to do, concretely, to support the rights of unborn children?

Don't give me that "reduce abortions" line.

Are you prepared to pass a law, yes or no?

Are you prepared to de-list abortions?

Will you chair a committee to declare what abortions are medically necessary?

Those are useful things to a pro-lifer.

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