Saturday, April 07, 2007

Regina Students seek injunction against Whatcott

The University of Regina Students Union passed this resolution seeking an injunction against Bill Whatcott to stop him from going to the University of Regina and distributing his flyers.

It'd be interesting to see if they get anywhere with this.

WHEREAS: Bill Whatcott has spread these hateful flyers on bulletin boards without URSU permission, passing them to students without telling them the content, simply saying it was a Flyer he was handing out, and placing these flyers on their cars in parking lots again without permission from the University or URSU

WHEREAS: Bill Whatcott has broken two rules as stated under Non-Academic Misconduct of the 06-07 Calendar under sections including “The unauthorized use or the misuse of any University facilities, equipment or services”, “The violation or breach of any Federal, Provincial or Municipal laws, so far as they are relevant to student conduct” , “Harassment or discrimination in contravention of the principles articulated in the policies of the University, The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, “the failure to comply with the directions of officials of the University acting within the scope of their authority”, “any conduct which harms or threatens to harm the proper functioning of University programs or activities, the rights of members or guests of the University, the safety or well-being of members or guests of the University, or the property of the University, its members and guests”

WHEREAS: The University is a tolerant space and does not discriminate against Identifiable Groups (defined above)

BIRT: URSU seek and enforce an injunction banning Bill Whatcott from entering the University premises including (but not limiting to) Buildings, Dormitories, Laboratories, Restrooms, Offices, Parking Lots, Theatres, Classrooms, as well as banning Bill Whatcott from distributing his hate propaganda/flyers , or any other materials verbose or on paper anywhere on the University of Regina Campus.
Motioned by:

A student verified by URSU.


There's a discussion at Free Dominion.

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