Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Television Bureau doesn't think fetal surgeries occur in Ontario

Ontario Pro-Life Group Harassed by TV Ad Bureau Over Previously Approved Ad

Ad has run since Feb. 26 and was pulled by Telecaster Committee on March 16th

By Hilary white

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, April 25, 2007 ( – Alliance for Life Ontario was shocked when Television Bureau of Canada’s Telecaster Committee unexpectedly rescinded permission for one of the group’s three ad spots to run on Peterborough’s CHEX Television. Alliance had previously received approval for three advertisements that make up their 2007 Reaching Minds Through Media campaign.

Of the three ads cleared for airing, “Nurse” had already been running on air since February 26th 2007. The ad depicted a young nurse questioning her previous abortion-supporting convictions, saying, “With new medical advances unborn babies are being saved before birth with blood transfusions, even heart surgery.”

She concludes with a rhetorical question, “Why are some little ones while still in the womb treated with miracles and other tiny babies the very same ages and perfectly
healthy, aborted. Just doesn't make sense to me anymore.”

The biannual campaign is made up of the “Nurse” spot and two other ads, “Lifesaver” and “Stuff like That” and cost an average of $750,000 per campaign. Alliance for Life Ontario’s Executive Director, Jakki Jeffs, told that the approved ad had run until it was pulled by the Telecaster Committee on Friday March 16th.

The Telecaster Committee at first informed Alliance for Life that they had received complaints that it was unclear if the woman in the ad was a real nurse or an actress. At their own expense, Alliance altered the ad to include the words “actor depicted.”

Once Alliance had altered the ad, however, the Telecaster Committee started demanding detailed substantiation that unborn babies in Ontario hospitals were “regularly” undergoing surgery at the same age as that of babies who were being aborted.

Jeffs replied to the Committee saying that she and the Alliance board members were “absolutely bewildered” at the request for proof of surgeries and treatments on unborn children that had been front page news around the world for over a decade. A search on the Google online search engine using the key words “foetal surgery” retrieves 389,000 websites.

When Jeffs forwarded articles showing that such procedures are being performed all over the world, Ardasis sent a second email saying that, although she had read the articles, “it would require several hours of research on my part to compile the substantiation we have requested.” Approval of the ad, she said, now required a letter from Alliance that must “address and attest” that the surgeries mentioned in the ad “are covered by OHIP” and performed “regularly” in Ontario hospitals.

The letter must attest “that Ontario hospitals (we will require the names of these hospitals) perform the type of fetal surgeries mentioned above and that they are performed regularly (more frequent than not).” Ardasis also demanded “supporting documentation” and said Alliance “must provide a list (of) their sources.”

As of today, the ad is back on the Peterborough station and while the “Nurse” ad was withheld, the two other ads were used in the reserved spots. Alliance has commissioned polls to track the effectiveness of the ads.

CHEX television has informed Alliance that the complaints had originally come not from the public or from the station but from Corus Entertainment, the company that owns CHEX. Jakki Jeffs told that Alliance is awaiting further information on the source of and reason for the complaints.


What do these people think specialists in Maternal-Fetal Medicine do?

I think it's vile. They want to weasel out of showing these ads.

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