Thursday, April 05, 2007

Union says pro-life protest grounds to refuse work

Received by email...probably at least fourth-hand. It's in regards to a Genocidal Awareness Project display that occurred late in the month of March. CUPE says that employees could feel "harrassed" at this.

From: CUPE 3906
> Date: 29-Mar-2007 00:30
> Subject: Safety notice to all CUPE 3906 members
> To:
> Dear members,
> This Thursday (the 29th of March) and next Tuesday (the 3rd of April)
> radical anti-choice groups are holding public events at the McMaster
> Student Centre and around campus.
> Several members of our local have registered their concern that the
> aggressive tactics employed by these groups in the past, as well as the
> hostile imagery and language they have employed, is intimidating and
> that the permission of these groups to dominate public and high-traffic
> spaces on campus makes them feel personally unsafe.
> Should any member feel their workplace is unsafe on these days and feel
> they cannot come on to campus to fulfill their duties, the local will
> support their right to refuse work they feel is unsafe to the utmost of
> its abilities.
> It is the employer's responsibility to ensure a safe workplace free of
> harassment. We have, as of yet, received no assurance or indication
> that the employer is taking sufficient steps to address these concerns.
> Should you chose to exercise your right to refuse work you feel to be
> unsafe, we highly recommend you contact the union before taking any
> action.
> We recommend all members let their views be known to the president of
> the university.
> Your executive.
> CUPE 3906
> B108, Wentworth House
> McMaster University
> Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1
> 905-525-9140 ext. 24003

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