Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Women for Life Inter'l Criticizes Amnesty International

Women for Life International Protests Amnesty International's Proposed Abortion Policy

Contact: Molly S. White, Women for Life International, USA Office, 254-933-8416

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Women for Life International, Inc.(WFLI) protests Amnesty International's proposal to adopt a recommended policy statement on selected aspects of abortion (as amended at the Chairs Forum, 10th March 2007) in a letter sent to Amnesty International Executive Committee (IEC) members.

Women for Life International is an advocate for life, women and motherhood. WFLI and associates believe legal (and illegal) abortion exploits women and the girl child, destroys mother/child relationships; destroys families and leaves in its wake profound physical, spiritual and psychological damage to women, the family unit and society.

WFLI and associates also noted the overwhelming amount of research confirming the devastating physical and psychological effects of legal abortion including severe depression, suicide ideation, cervical and breast cancers. White notes that, "Abortion's lasting negative effects have far-reaching implications extending past the individual woman. Research shows that fathers of aborted children also suffer from many negative psychological and spiritual effects. Additionally, children born in countries with legal abortion are also showing signs of psychological and spiritual affects similar to that of "survivor" syndrome.

Sadly, research shows that 64% of American women, who had an abortion, did not want the abortion but felt pressured, forced or coerced into aborting their child by the father of the child or family members. This common situation leaves women emotionally devastated. WFLI is not only a voice for women hurt by abortion we also seek to make sure women, men and family members have access to abortion recovery services.

Molly White, Co-Founder of the US based Women for Life International (WFLI) states, "the proposed adoption policy is not only in direct conflict of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (which AI seeks to support) according to Articles 3 thru 7 but adoption of such a policy will set a precedent for: worldwide, unfettered fetal genocide; worldwide exploitation of pregnant women, especially poor women; and a worldwide epidemic of violence against women and the girl child.

Many nations are now facing a substantial gender imbalance due to forced abortion and gender selected abortion. "AI's proposed policy on abortion offers no amnesty and no hope to women in China. Article 5 of AI's Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Where is amnesty for these women and their pre-born children? This proposed policy will be seen as an endorsement of the inhumane treatment of pregnant women who are forced to abort their children." stated Denise Mountenay, Co-Founder of Women for Life International and Founder of Canada Silent No More.

Both White and Mountenay are concerned about AI's proposed policy and the potential backlash on women. Recently, The China Aid Association (CAA) reported a total of 61 women and their unborn children became victims of a recent campaign of forced abortion in Guangxi province. Where is AI on this? If AI supports legal abortion in certain circumstances it undermines opposition in other circumstances.

AI's history has been to defend the very basic right to life and liberty of all human life. Adoption of this pro-abortion policy seriously undercuts the right to life through the destruction of other, less defenseless, human life. Women for Life International is looking to AI to protect all women and children, born and pre-born from the violence and exploitation of legal abortion based upon the UDHR.

Therefore, we admittedly oppose any policies which would remove the criminal penalties for those who provide abortions, and for making abortion legal for any reason.


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