Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Abortion is a dead issue, but we're talking about it!

From The Empire BigCityLib Strikes Back:

From The Lifesite, a story on how the Natty Post alone among Canadian newspapers is willing to pander to the last fading embers of the Pro-Life movement.

Last fading embers?


Don't tell him we're growing...

In the face of this massive indifference, pro-lifers are going to try their hand at amateur film-making.

Yeah, such MASSIVE indifference, that every time there's a report on abortion, it attracts a huge amount of attention.

But heck, go ahead and scoff. We'll just keep finding ways to advance our message and be heard.

If people are so indifferent to the abortion issue, then why are we still talking about it?

I don't talk about dead political issues. Who does? The mainstream media does. But it's supposedly a dead issue.

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