Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Abortionist: Don't bother becoming abortion provider

Medical Students for Choice had invited Dr. Warren Hern, a legend in the abortion rights movement, to give them encouragement. He offered none.

None of you will be an abortion provider, he told the students. You don't have it in you.

"Do something else. Fix broken legs," he often advises. "No reasonable person would do this."

Hern, 68, practices in Boulder, Colo., a liberal college town. Still, he's afraid to open his blinds at night for fear of a sniper hidden in the bushes. His clinic is protected by a fence and four layers of bulletproof glass.

Abortion is so stigmatized, Hern said, that his fellow physicians shun him. Even his patients often regard him with disgust: "They've absorbed so much antiabortion rhetoric, they feel a sense of revulsion that they have to come into my office and seek treatment."

Hern specializes in late second- and third-trimester abortions; his patients come to him from around the world, many with late diagnosis of fetal deformity. Though he feels certain he's doing right by the women, Hern still feels conflicted when he steps into his basement surgery.

He once wrote that "the sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current" — and after three decades, he is not inured to that feeling. "We are hard-wired as a species to protect small, young, helpless creatures," he said. "The fetus is not a baby, but it's close. Some are very close. It's difficult."


If this abortionist hadn't said this himself, people would think pro-lifers had made this up.

This sounds like a movement that's dying, if not politically, then certainly at the forefront. Who wants to this medical sh*twork? Because that's what it is and how it's viewed, even by people who are in the field.

Keep at it pro-lifers. Canadians, we can do this, too.

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