Sunday, May 06, 2007

Feminists ignore post-abortive women

Regarding the partial birth abortion case in the US:

Some 2,000 affidavits were submitted by women who had been hurt by having an abortion. Justice Kennedy referred to these testimonials frequently in the ruling on partial birth abortions.


NOW's response to the pain suffered by these women, in a St. Petersburg Times story, was this: "Two thousand women came forth. But there are millions more whose lives have been saved."

So what is NOW saying to these women who have suffered from having an abortion? You are collateral damage in a cause for the greater good of preserving abortion rights? We can't represent you, even though you are women, because you say have been harmed by having an abortion?

Let's be honest. If some other medical procedure was causing thousands of women to experience depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues, there would be an uproar over the need for change, the need to address the problem. And rightfully so.


Interesting: the socialists won't except the cause of liberty to justify the casualties of war (not that I think it's enough by itself to justify war) but the cause of abortion is enough to justify its casualties.


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