Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Giuliani and fetal rights...again

Regarding Giuliani and abortion:

I think Republicans activists should stop asking Giuliani about abortion.

Why? Because when they ask them that question, he gets to say "I hate abortion".

Really, they should be dogging him on the issue of whether he supports fetal rights. He should be called to account for his rejection of the unborn child. He should be asked "Mr. Giuliani, do you think the unborn child should be constitutionally protected?" Of course the answer will be "I hate abortion". The follow-up question should then be: "I didn't ask about abortion-- I would like to know what you think of legally protecting the unborn child."

Something like that.

I'm seeing too many pro-lifers selling their votes cheap to Giuliani.

Canadian pro-lifers did the same thing with Stephen Harper. Now we have a Prime Minister who won't touch the abortion issue with a ten-foot poll.

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