Saturday, May 05, 2007

Man gets death penalty for killing woman and fetus

(CBS) RIVERSIDE, Calif. A 25-year-old man who admitted raping and stabbing a pregnant woman more than 30 times in her Riverside home in 2005 was sentenced to death Friday by a judge who said he believed the defendant, despite a history of mental problems, knew what he did was wrong.


Tony Lee Reynolds pleaded guilty in January -- as his trial was about to begin -- to murdering 29-year-old Estela Perez and her 5-month-old fetus and said in a hand-written letter to the victim's family that he wanted to be executed.


There's no doubt about it: this guy is a monster.

But I don't think executing this man is the right thing to do.

The US has enough resources to protect its people without having to take his life.

If this were say, a poor African nation, the death penalty could possibly be the only solution (although we could also contemplate exile).

We can only take life when there is an imminent threat of grave danger. Life is too precious to be taken.

Besides: I believe a harsh sentence is far more justice than a quick death.

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