Friday, May 18, 2007

Mother of conjoined twins is angry

Felicia Simms, the mother of the conjoined twins from BC is upset at the column written by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, in which he stated that it would have been better if the babies had been aborted. She is also angry about a website featuring a "death pool" for her daughters.

"We figured that doctors take oaths to preserve lives," she said. "He obviously hasn't been keeping track of their progress. They've been sitting up, eating and playing like any seven-month-old child does. Of course, people are going to have their opinion, but this is a doctor."

McKay said some people simply can't handle it when people are different.

Walker could not be reached for comment about his column.

After that, McKay's friend showed the grandmother an Internet death pool -- a Web site where people wager money on when someone will die. In the pool, a participant had bet the twins will die this year.

McKay said she's seen a documentary on the phenomenon and was upset to find out her granddaughters were listed on at least one site.

Despite the negative attention on the Internet, McKay said the babies are doing "wonderfully" and have been eating solid food for about a month. They're not without their challenges, however.


Some people are so sick. I think what happens in the medical profession is that the doctors get so hung up on the medicine, they forget about the patient. The patient isn't a human being any more but a "specimen", a machine to fix, not a person to heal. And I think that Dr. Gifford-Jones treated the twins that way, and because they can't be "fixed", he'd rather they be trashed, like a disposal appliance.

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