Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The price of obstetrics too high in Philadelphia

Maternity care is a money loser for most hospitals, and there is no break-even point, hospital leaders and financial consultants say. Losses rise with the number of patients - especially when those patients are poor. The culprits are high expenses for malpractice insurance and relatively low reimbursements from health insurers, the experts said. In recent years, as obstetricians threatened to leave the state because of high premiums, many hospitals took on the extra expense of employing the doctors and paying their insurance bills.


This is really unfortunate. Perhaps there needs to be more non-profit hospitals so that there might always be an OB\GYN who need it. The Church used to perform this function, but more and more the Church is being forced to abide by leftist moral standards. It'd be far better if OB\GYN's were left free to practice according to their conscience.

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