Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Selective Reduction has a great blog with tons of links on "selective reduction". "Selective Reduction" is the euphemism used to describe the abortion of a twin or higher-order multiple. This is often done because of IVF treatment, because the parents do not want more than a certain number of children, or one of the fetuses suffers from a disease or malformation.

Most of the blogpost is a reaction to this chat by Liza Mundy at the Washington Post website. She discusses her article: Too Much to Carry?, taken from her book, "Everything Conceivable: How Assisted Reproduction is Changing Men, Women, and the World."

There's so much to cover, so much to comment, but it's just impossible to do in one post without getting too verbose. I encourage pro-lifers to blog their reactions to this article.

Here's a question/comment from one reader:

I must say I was surprised/shocked/saddened to hear Dr. Evans refer to "blowing the kid off the needle." And in front of the patient, while it's being done! I thought the whole point of his work was that he justified the reductions and, presumably in doing so, did not think of them as "kids" he was killing?! Seems at best like a highly insensitive remark.

No, we don't think of fetuses as people at all...nope, just "products of conception".

Liza Mundy: It is his way of talking. What can I say. He was talking doctor-to-doctor in that case. I think he was pitching his comment to this particular patient, who he felt could handle it. But yeah, it's a blunt way of putting it.

What can you say? Doctors know it's killing.

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