Sunday, June 03, 2007

ACLU Chief convicted for viewing child abuse images

As WND reported, the 51-year-old was arrested in February and was indicted in May on charges of having what a U.S. magistrate described as "the most perverted and nauseating and sickening type of child pornography" she ever had seen.

He was the Virginia ACLU president until 2005 and served on the group's board until the day he was arrested.

Authorities said he used his own credit card and his own e-mail address to access and purchase an estimated $1,000 in graphic and violent child pornography during 2005 and 2006, according to Virginia's North Country Gazette.

Magistrate Theresa Buchanan said the material included an extended video featuring the sexual torture of children, accompanied by a song by the band called Nine Inch Nails.

He faced a maximum sentence of 11 to 14 years on each of two counts, had he not reached a plea agreement.

Court records indicate Rust-Tierney had subscribed to several websites featuring child pornography over a period of years.

The federal indictment alleged he "knowingly received multiple computer files that contained photo and video depictions of minor teenage and prepubescent children engaging in sexually explicit conduct."

An anonymous chat room participant on the cannablog was distressed by the low profile in the national media over the case. When Rust-Tierney's arrest first was announced, authorities didn't even mention either his ACLU or youth league coaching connections.


I once heard an activist against child porn call it "child abuse images". This should be the new standard name for that brand of pornography. "Pornography" has become too ubiquitous, too acceptable. It should be in a completely different category.

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