Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The CBC Wish List Blog has a Point

For the last little while, I've been participatingon the Great Canadian Wish List,a contest organized by the CBC where participants suggest and vote on wishes. (See here for details.)

The contest has an accompanying blog, and it made a point that I thought was just radical for the CBC. In response to the wish for a spiritual revival, blogger Meribeth Deen writes:

Maybe though, the most dominant wishes really do reflect the values of the Canadian majority. But only if you believe that there is such a thing. I think most of us recognize though, that we all fit in somehow or other into a minority group. A wish for Canadians not to forget rural communities could be sited as an example. And maybe a call for Spiritual Revival, despite the fact that it has almost 900 members—reflects a discomfort among those people that their values are not reflected in the dominant culture. Our laws and institution are not a reflection of the country’s dominant values, but ofthe broader unease of a multitude of minority perspectives all clumped together on a chunk of land called Canada.

You mean we're not all Trudeaupians?

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