Sunday, June 17, 2007

Filmmakers: pro-lifer is actually normal

How did the idea for "Unborn in the USA" evolve?


Will had known about a pro-life display in Northwest Houston that someone had erected next to a high school. It was a field of a 1000 blue crosses and a 1000 pink crosses with 15 billboards scattered throughout with messages from aborted fetuses to their parents. Stuff like, "I wouldn't have eaten that much mom!," or, "Now that grandma is becoming a burden, are you going to abort her too?" We found the display to be ridiculous, but we were fascinated that someone would do something like that and face the ridicule and scorn of an entire community. We thought that whoever did such a thing would make for a perfect short doc because the person would obviously be crazy. We eventually convinced the man to participate, and when we met him, he completely proved us wrong! He was just a regular guy who felt he had to voice his opinion, and this was the best way he knew how. So at that point, we were intrigued, and he introduced us to other individuals in Houston who were doing similar things.

I've also noticed that about pro-lifers: they're very ordinary people. They are not concentrated in any one demographic, any one job description. They run the gamut.

This comment tells me that so many people have been brainwashed into believing left-wing propaganda about pro-lifers. It's not in their interest to promote any other image, so they don't.

Mind you, Canadian pro-lifers could do a better job of reaching out to people. I think we have to work on that.

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