Friday, June 15, 2007

Fishing for controversy where there is none

Birthpangs, particularly fern hill, get an "A" in effort when it comes to trying to create a scandal where there is none.

First, it was the pseudo-scandalette of the Government of Canada wordmark which was mistakenly placed on the March for Life banner.

Now, In response to my post on Audra Williams' call for anybody-- not just Canadians-- to vote on the CBC's Wish List contest on Facebook, Birthpangs has tried to make this post seem like a call for Americans to vote.

But whoa now, looky here, the Murricans are coming!!!! Guy says he got it from a Canadian fetus fetishist.

Who’s cheating ‘winning’ now?

First of all, I never said that recruiting Americans would be cheating. In fact, I concede that it is not against the Wish List Contest rules:

Now, you might object that the Wish List rules do not state that Americans can't vote. That is true.

My point was that when it comes to asking for Americans to help, lefties feel it's okay to do that when their causes are at issue, but when right-wingers do it, they are accused of trying to Americanize Canada.

Sheesh, if their cause was so popular in Canada, why would they need Americans (or any other foreigners) to help them?

Having failed to understand the point of my post on Audra Williams, Birthpangs has yet again misread another post insinuating that an American Rock for Life blog is calling on Americans to vote for "Abolish Abortion" on the facebook contest.

However, the post in question says something entirely different:

If you are Canadian, pro-life and have facebook then go make a wish.

From that post, fern hill has extracted that Americans are about to vote en masse for Abolish Abortion.

I guess she just reads into posts whatever she wants it to say.

(Kind of reminds me of the way activist judges read into the Charter, actually).

Nothing to see here, folks. Just good clean mobilization. That might be a scandal in itself to many leftists, but to average Canadians, it's just democracy in action.

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