Sunday, June 24, 2007

Giuseppe Gori on the proposed MMP system

Many people think that the proposed MMP system for Ontario would encourage the creation of too many "frivoulous" political parties.Giuseppe Gori, the leader of the Family Coalition Party of Ontario, has written an article answering those concerns.

Some people may think that having more parties would add to the confusion.

- If you are not much interested in politics, as noted above, you only know the names of three or four parties. You will not know (or care) how many are registered.

- If you are interested in politics, then probably you will be happier when you find a party that matches your values, since with the new system your vote for this party is not wasted.

Some people may not like seeing on TV a debate (as it happened recently in the US for both democrats and republicans) with more than 10 people. The networks do not like that: they want to be in control of what you see (and know) so that their choice determines our government.

Obviously, the idea of democracy is not for society to be run by the news media (or any other group) but to have an informed choice and a free vote. Having debates with multiple candidates may not make a "good show", but allows more information and ideas to be shared with the audience.

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