Friday, June 29, 2007

Kansas AG Charges Abortionist George Tiller

Topeka, KS ( -- Kansas' late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller could face 19 years in prison for doing illegal abortions. After dropping all of the charges against Planned Parenthood and some of the ones against Tiller, Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison says the case isn't over.

He confirmed he will pursue 19 misdemeanor charges against the late-term abortion practitioner.

In a statement on Thursday, Morrison said he described the allegations as a “technical violation” of a 1998 law saying the abortions can only be done for legitimate health reasons.


It would be a great day for the unborn if George Tiller is put out of business. However, I wonder if he would be convicted, given that he's donated to so many people in Kansas politics. I wonder how he can still operate with any kind of reputation, given his notoriety. I wonder how the medical profession treats him in Kansas. I can't believe his colleagues just look at him as another doctor.

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